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Supermoon Inspiration from Kerrie Kelly

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The stars are certainly aligning as Kerrie Kelly and our Trendspotters get ready for their trips to Spain to review and plan a new color series for Silestone. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so here are the good omens, straight from Kerrie, as she talks about her color inspiration and the upcoming trip:

“I can’t help but think our Silestone muse—the moon—has become something more noteworthy than anticipated. Maybe it is simply because we chose “Albedo”—meaning the moon’s reflectivity—as our countertop name, that everywhere I look there is something significant going on related to the lunar topic.

For example, sky-gazers were treated to a larger-than-average full moon last Friday night. According to USA Today, the “Supermoon occurs when the moon is close to the horizon, causing it to appear bigger and brighter.” This phenomenon put on a show over the weekend and will next be visible on August 10th and September 9th as well. Just looking at the fantastic images of night sky with our own eyes reminds us why it served as our inspiration.”


To read the full post, see here.

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