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Susan Serra On Selecting Products For Her Kitchen Renovation

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How do the masters start a work of art? We’ve asked kitchen design expert Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS, to show us with a look into the first stages of her kitchen renovation process. The renovation, happening later this year, will feature Cosentino surfaces, including Dekton.

“You need to visualize the end result at the start of the project. It’s helpful to find the driver for the kitchen’s aesthetic. It could be a single piece of artwork, the location of the home, one’s heritage, a favorite style, or any other design aesthetic that feels right.”

swedish painting-

Susan Serra’s artistic inspiration for her current project came from this oil painting by Swedish artist, Ingrid Roth.

“I’ve always recommended that my clients select the most expensive product categories in the kitchen first, and then go from there. Cabinetry would typically be the first selection, but yesterday as I left the Cosentino Center, I thought to myself for the first time that maybe one should fall in love with a countertop first! Who knows? If I let my creativity run wild in the Cosentino Center, I may have come away with a completely different aesthetic.”


Susan Serra’s kitchen will feature new Dekton Borea and Halo as well as Silestone Influencer Series’ Albedo.

“When working with my clients, I make sure to take them for a trip to a Cosentino Center. Viewing a small sample of a solid surface gives a completely different impression than viewing a large piece. I help them consider fundamental design elements such as balance, proportion, and rhythm in addition to color, tone, and texture. Every client’s personality must come through in the design of a kitchen.”

“Since performance is a given when considering Cosentino products, I can focus on the fun part of selecting colors, patterns, textures and more.”

We can’t wait to see Susan’s kitchen renovation come to fruition over the next several months. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter at @DektonNA for more updates and insights and to find a Cosentino Center near you, check out our store locator.

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