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Tobi Fairley’s Little Rock Home featuring Dekton

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Tobi Fairley, an award-winning designer, created an incredibly functional and stylish home inspired by cheery hues, family traditions, and southern hospitality. Tobi chose Dekton Kairos for the fireplace surround and Dekton XGloss Halo for the kitchen, wetbar, master bath and her daughter’s bathroom. Read more to learn how Tobi brought her dream home to life.

<p><strong>If you had to put a name to the design style of your home, what would it be and why?</strong></p>
<p><span style=I call my style New Traditional with a splash of glamour. My home is a 1968 colonial so the architecture is traditional and I use a lot of traditional elements but I incorporate cutting edge color schemes, modern artwork and mix in cleaner and more modern elements for an interesting mix. I don’t like the term transitional, which I think is usually more contemporary than my style. My work is rooted in classic forms, motifs and architectural detailing.

The design of your space seems fit for entertaining especially your kitchen. How did that element influence the design / ambiance you created?

I love to cook, so of course, my kitchen is one of the hardest working rooms in my house and designing it was definitely a labor of love. Everything in my kitchen design is so relaxing, and better yet, functional. I changed from a U-shaped layout to an island layout that provides me with so much more workspace. Whether you are entertaining or cooking for one, having a functional space is always beneficial. Many of my design elements were influenced by functionality. From the super durable, sleek Dekton XGloss Halo countertops to the fabulous storage solutions, everything in my design creates an enjoyable work area.

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<p><strong>Your home incorporates everything from floral wallpaper to black & white tiled floors to leopard print. Can you tell us how you went about achieving this effect? What advice do you have for homeowners using bold colors & patterns throughout the home?</strong></p>
<p><span style=If there is a way to integrate bright colors or fun patterns, I will! I love to transition colors from one space to another by incorporating one color from the previous room to the next. For instance, the pink that thread from the entry to the dining room or the blue that started in the kitchen and worked its way through to the wet bar and living room. This makes the transition smooth while incorporating some bolder statements. There should always be one thing that ties all the rooms in a home together—otherwise you can end up with a hodgepodge of color.

Another strong focal point is the fireplace and hearth in the living room. What influenced the design you created?

Before redesigning, the previous living room was dark and heavy with no life or color. There were dark wood walls, floors and a brick fireplace with minimal light. I wanted the space to be bright and colorful. I started with a gray color palette and embellished with bright cobalt, deep plum and even leopard print. The fireplace certainly draws the eye! The surround and hearth are clad in Dekton Kairos. Its sleek finish adds to the modern, glamorous feel of the space, while providing the durability to heat and stains that a fireplace requires. I wanted this room to pop but also feel seamless. The color palette feels effortlessly chic and everyone can really spread out and take advantage of this large space.

<p><strong>When designing your home did you pick family-friendly products and materials</strong><b>?</b></p>
<p><span style=Yes! Renovations are a ton or work and time. Homeowners want materials and products that will last, as do I. Kids are amazing, but they can be messy and well.. destructive. Throughout my renovation I incorporated products that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and resilient. A product I used through the home was Dekton by Cosentino—an amazingly durable surface that can be used indoors and out. I used Dekton for the countertop in my kitchen and wetbar, my daughter’s bathroom and the master bath. When designing my daughter’s bathroom, Dekton was the perfect solution. Since we’re hitting the age of makeup and nail polish, we needed a durable and easy-to clean surface, and Dekton is pretty much indestructible.

<p><strong>Do you have any design tips for homeowners thinking about remodeling or building?</strong></p>
<p><span style=Take chances. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, patterns, etc. Consider materials from a place of “authenticity” — what feels real, strong, beautiful, timeless and affirming to the touch… Make those bold decisions.

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