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Tobi Fairley’s New House Diary: Product Selection

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Designer and Consultant Tobi Fairley is in the midst of an all-out home renovation and we jumped at the chance to partner with her on some of the busiest rooms in her house – her kitchen, baths, laundry room and mudroom.

Tobi turned to Dekton for its range of styles and durability, and our team enjoyed working with her as she selected a range of product to fit the look and feel of these varied spaces in her new home. Tobi recently shared her experience along with tips and advice for choosing countertops on her blog. Here’s some of what she had to say:

“This was a really big decision for me, because the kitchen is really the hardest working room in the house, especially for a culinary enthusiast like me. Yes, I love to cook and bake and I can be hard on my kitchen, especially the countertops. I set hot pans on them (sometimes), I chop right on them, I knead bread on them – I can really abuse them! And I am not the only one – my husband and daughter are major cooks, too! So I need countertops that will be tough enough to stand up to all 3 of the cooks in our little family.

In my last home, I had quartz countertops and I loved them. They were the perfect choice for my family and me, and though I love a lot of natural stone, I wanted the durability married with style that only quartz and similar products can give me. So I turned to the fabulous folks at Cosentino for help. They really listened to me and helped me select the perfect products for my kitchen, mudroom, bathrooms, and laundry. I spent a lot of time with their team in New York at their fabulous new City Center Showroom, learning about how their products are produced and why they are so durable. …

So after a lot of thought, I chose Cosentino’s new Dekton brand. It’s an amazing product for both indoors and outdoors. And in the same way I love to use indoor/outdoor fabrics in the home for durability, I chose Dekton countertops for the same reason. It’s going to be perfect for the counters in my kitchen, mudroom, breakfast area and wet bar; for the shaped backsplash and counter in my powder bath; for the counters in my master bathroom; for my daughter’s bath; and even for the fireplace surround and hearth in my living room. They had such a lovely palette of white, grays, and marble patterns, that I had a ball choosing these products.”

The Kitchen: “I selected Dekton’s XGloss color Halo, above, which is a stunning and high-gloss white. It looks like lacquer, which if you know me at all, you know I am crazy about! It’s super-chic and will really showcase the color palette I’ve chosen for the kitchen, too. In fact, I love it so much that I’m also using it in the wet bar, and in my master bathroom.”

The Living Room: “For the fireplace surround and hearth in my living room, I chose Dekton’s Kairos from the Natural Collection. It has gorgeous gray marbling that is light and elegant, but it’s also highly resistant to fire and heat so it will keep this gorgeous look for a LONG time. I chose this product for the powder bath, too, to pair with a very “Tobi style” wallpaper and flooring.”

The Laundry: “For the garage/downstairs laundry counters, I chose Silestone’s Nebula Alpha Series that’s inspired by earth tones and natural elements. I wanted more of a quartz look for this space, but in a rich tone that is not quite charcoal and not quite brown. Silestone does neutral beautifully.”

See more at and following along for the latest on Dekton at @DektonNA.

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