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Trendspotters Debrief and Prepare for Design Meetings at Cosentino HQ

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After a weekend filled with the sights, sounds and delicious Catalan fare of Barcelona, the Silestone Trendspotters journeyed to Macael, a small town within the Almeria province, where Cosentino’s global headquarters are located for three days of design meetings.

While all of the Trendspotters have been to Cosentino’s HQ, there is always something new to report. A briefing with the head of product innovation and design, Valentin Tijeras revealed a bevy on upcoming product introductions including new introductions anticipated this fall for both Silestone and Cosentino’s newest product, Dekton.

After a tour of the expansive Dekton facilities, the Trendspotters got a sneak preview of the product’s new prototypes, offering critical feedback and suggested improvements for the line. Along the way, they also visited the new “Beyond the Wall” installation from renowned architect Daniel Libeskind – the company’s centerpiece sculpture that celebrates the beauty of the new product for both exterior and interior applications.

The tour and briefing laid the groundwork for the two days of design meetings.

Next up: Color and trend forecasting for the U.S. market.

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