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Trendspotters in Spain: Courtney Cachet

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Courtney Cachet traveled to Spain as part of the Silestone Trendspotters, bringing New York City style with her. Pulling inspiration from travel and people is where Courtney excels. Read her thoughts on the trip.

“Recently, I spent a week in Spain as one of the five Silestone Tredspotters for Cosentino…and oh, what a week it was!

As a Trendspotter, each of us has been given the task-and honor-to assist in the design a new Silestone color series to be unveiled at KBIS next January. The process thus far has been a learning experience, an adventure and a meaningful journey that I’m certain will be remembered for many years to come. On a more personal note, it has been incredibly gratifying to envision something in your mind and work sideby side with some of the world’s most talented engineers and product development teams in Europe and North America. It is the stuff designers dream of.

One of the most frequent questions designers are asked is, “Where do you find your inspiration?” It’s always interesting to see the different answers people reply with. For many it’s color or nature or texture. For me, it mainly comes from two sources: Travel and people. There is no shortage of inspiration whenever one travels to another country and travel is right up there next to design as one of my passions in life. And Spain is certainly one of the best places to draw that inspiration. The people are vibrant, the architecture is invigorating and the energy that eminates from each town or city you visit is different and similar at the same time. In spite of being one of Europe’s most embattled economies, one thing has not changed: They are, for the most part, happy. Happinss is something that is evident in the entire country. And when you are constantly in the presence of that energy, how vould you not feel inspired?

One of the most interesting cities in the world is Barcelona, our first stop. From restaurants housed in centruies old castillos to some of the world’s most important architectural landmarks, this place is bustling with energy, tourists and lots of great wine. One afternoon I took a tour on my own around the city and took it all in.


Another incredible day was our last evening in Almeria. After an elegant dinner for all of us in the town square al fresco filled with great food and even better wine, we were invited to a concert at —Castle. After climbing to the top (good thing I packed those flats!) of a very large hill, all yu could see was a massive courtyard enveloped in violet light with a group of violinists on a stage performing what sounded like…is that Armenian music?? One of our friends from Cosentino told us the performer was a very famous Armenian musician in Spain. As my background is also Armenian, this was surprising and incredible and a proud moment, since he was incredibly talented.


Visiting the Cosentino headquarters in Spain is something that changes you. At first, it just looks like any expansive office park or corporate headquarters. But when you enter, it feels more like an art gallery..aisles and aisles of Silestone and sculpture and light. But, above all, it is when you are in the presence of Cosentino’s founder, Paco Cosentino, that everything falls into place. To hear the story of how this multinational company started from virtually and how it evolved through years of effort, failure and a passion to bring new and exciting products to the global marketplace is something so special. It is a very personal story and it is the driving force behind everything the company develops. When you meet Paco Cosentino and his employees,you cannot help but feel inspired. They are driven, creative, smart and innovative. Funny, that’s exactly what Silestone is.”

See all things Courtney Cachet on her website here.

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