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Trendspotters in Spain: Mark Williams

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Silestone Trendspotter Mark Williams got inspired by colleagues and his surroundings on our recent trip to Spain. Hear what he had to say about the experience.

“Try to capture this: Five loosely acquainted design professionals, traveling and working together in close proximity approximately 16 hours a day, for 7 days, in a foreign country.  Recipe for disaster you say?  Well, it might have been…  But it wasn’t.  This particular professional posse checked their egos at the door, brought their seat backs and tray tables into an upright and locked position, and met in Barcelona to begin the adventure of the year.  To try to describe every bit of this trip in one blog post would be impossible, so I’ll focus on one particularly powerful aspect of the experience, Inspiration.  Yes, Inspiration with a capital I.  As designers we are faced with the challenge every day to produce work that is not only appropriate, not only pleasing, we are faced with the challenge of delivering a three dimensional end result that is inspired.  Being in such close quarters with other designers from different regions all across the U.S. zooming around southeastern Spain for an entire week produced much provocative discussion about the needs of our individual markets, the challenges of owning and running a design business, and what we find exciting about our profession.

One current that ran through all of our time together is that we are all inspired by the excitement of the creative process and innovative use of all of the tools in our tool chests.  These tools include things like surfaces, color, lighting, furniture, and all the parts and pieces of an architecture or interiors project that that we use to create a whole environment.  Over the course of this trip we not only got a chance to learn about each other’s tool boxes, we spent many creative hours at Cosentino headquarters working on new designs for their Silestone and Dekton product lines.  Walking through the Dekton factory and learning about every step in the production process was fascinating, and really helped us understand how we can best contribute to the next generation of product offerings.  Knowing that we were helping to add to our future tool box with products that we love is particularly Inspiring.  And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the biggest Inspiration of all, the delicious Spanish wine…”

Mark Williams

See Mark Design Associates here. 

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