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Trendspotters Offer Consumer Insights and Regional Trends with Cosentino’s R&D Team

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Understanding the broad range of U.S. consumer preferences is a constant challenge for Cosentino. But the company’s continual quest for innovation and improvement has challenged the research & development team to identify seven different types of U.S. consumer behaviors and determine what it takes to meet their home design needs.

While at Cosentino’s HQ, the Trendspotters were challenged to give their insights into these seven profiles, offering their design expertise and observations in their regional marketplace.  What emerged was several behavioral trends that connected all U.S. regions.

  • Aesthetics and value are biggest drivers for product selection.
  • Today, value goes beyond price and includes product functionality, durability and whether it adds value to a home.
  • Consumers are more educated and have a greater sense of style than ever before because of the increased access to brands and information. This is driven through immediate online access to design and style blogs and image-driven social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.
  • These new platforms also drive consumers to define their style earlier, as they are now expected to share it through social media.
  • While consumers still seek out products that are environmentally friendly, it has become more of an expectation, rather than a differentiator.

To further understand the consumer profiles the Trendspotters identified with, each created and presented an inspiration board that described what would appeal to that particular consumer in the kitchen. The results were five dramatically different consumers from across the country that inspired and intrigued the Cosentino R&D team, who plan to incorporate the findings into research for additional color development for both Silestone and Dekton.


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