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Trendspotting in Spain…aged objects become modern art!

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We were thrilled to welcome Julia Buckingham back to Spain for our second year of Trendspotting, couldn’t wait to see what she’d uncover, and of course, were certainly not disappointed by her fantastic insights!

From architecture to design details to public art and the stunning views, Julia was inspired by the convergence of history and modern design. Here is an excerpt from her travels on the Materials Girl Blog:

“My travels to Spain reinforced my love for timeless color inspiration and the influence that color- alongside neutral earthy bespoke elements- creates architecture that has been shared and that has lasted throughout the ages. The patina of ages old color still hold their treasured elements and show that color and architectural shapes in design and architecture only age more beautifully with the passing of time. We take away a sense of history when we reuse and repurpose the elements within our modern day designs. The aged become pure examples of modern art in many cases…

Look at this castle, Alcazaba, in Almeria where after an alfresco dinner in the city square we were feted by a modern violin concerto.

The long trek upward into the castle were steps upon steps of historic, architectural splendor that felt clean, sleek and timeless.”

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Read Julia’s full coverage on Materials Girls, here.


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