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Two Times A Charm

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As our 2014 Trendspotters return to their homes across the United States after a productive week of work, exploration and inspiration in Spain, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the last time we hosted a group of talented design and lifestyle experts.

When planning for the launch of Silestone’s Ocean Series, we invited Julia Buckingham, principle at Chicago-based Buckingham Interiors + Design, along with Kim Lewis and a collection of industry professionals to tour the Cosentino Factory, meet with key executives, and collaborate with the Cosentino product team as they finalized the products.  The Ocean series features six colors with bold patterns and a wide range of movement, offering a natural aesthetic similar to that of exotic granite.


Julia was a key contributor to the color inspiration behind Pacific and Arctic, two of the distinctive colors within the collection that have colors flowing naturally through the product, similar to the look of exotic granite. We were thrilled with the final collection and its inaugural year has been a successful one.

In Julia’s own words:

“I researched all current trends within the industry as a whole as well as noting trends most echoed within my own client projects to amass color ideas as well as color combinations that most support these powerful industry happenings. I brought these color documents to Spain and was blown away by watching several of them come to life! Being part of the color process for Ocean was such a rewarding experience.”

Flash forward to this year’s trip, and we are inspired by our Trendspotters contributions and are looking forward to the next launch of beautiful, innovative Silestone colors.  Stay tuned!

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