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Vicky Payne’s Dekton Patio


After having finished her own traditional home overhaul, nationally recognized designer and host of For Your Home, Vicki Payne turned to a similar home a couple of properties down for another renovation project. This time she chose to make the home over with a contemporary style, and for that she turned to Cosentino; both Silestone and Dekton.

The home is extensive, to say the least, with a wonderful Silestone kitchen island and many gorgeous details, which you can read about in the current issue of Charlotte Living Magazine, but it’s her outdoor space that has our attention.

Payne overhauled an abysmal patio area that had sustained significant water damage and created an outdoor grilling area which features Dekton countertops. We love the homey but contemporary feeling of the space with its warm natural stone patio and pergola. It’s the perfect environment for an outdoor meal, and will see tons of use in the temperate Charlotte weather!

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