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Vote for the Dekton Liquid Series to Win Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards 2020

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The Dekton Liquid Series is up for Interior Design’s Best of Year Award 2020 in the Materials, Treatments and Surfaces category. Public voting has officially opened and runs until October 9. Show your love and support for the brand by voting for the Dekton Liquid Series using the link here. Votes can be cast once a day per category. 

Now celebrating its 15th year, Interior Design’s Best of Year is the ultimate measure of design excellence, honoring the most significant work of the year and recognizing designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe.

For the Dekton Liquid Series, Cosentino commissioned pattern experts and designers, Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham of PATTERNITY, to create a collection for Dekton® that reflects the state-of-the-art material. Inspired by liquid, each of the individual colors are aesthetically innovative and as a collection, touch on the future of global trends. Colorways include:

  • Liquid Sky (center): A swirling, marbled, cloud-like pattern that celebrates the scientific principles of fluid dynamics. Liquid Sky’s unique characteristics consist of a white base with flowing grey veins. The design explores the movement of gravity, the interplay of the elements, their matter, and pays homage to swirling energy and perpetual motion. 
  • Liquid Shell (left): The design of Liquid Shell is inspired by the moon, in union with the ocean’s tide. The pearlescent shade is a varying off-white with a rippling pattern of the landscape of the ocean floor.
  • Liquid Embers (bottom): The colorway represents a meeting point between fire and liquid, a space that lies deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Reminiscent of magma, the cross of endings and new beginnings, Liquid Embers is a dark, carbon-like design that visualizes the alchemy of the elements.

Dekton is further represented in these awards as the countertops for Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ Elements by Tecno, which is listed within the Outdoor Furniture category. Place a vote for Elements using the link here

Finalists will be notified on November 6 and winners will be announced on December 8 in a virtual ceremony.

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