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We Act Because We Care: Celebrating World Environment Day 


At Cosentino, we are firm believers in backing our words with tangible actions, especially when it comes to our environment. Sustainability is a core element in Cosentino’s way of doing business, and far beyond verbal commitments, we walk the walk. In honor of World Environment Day, celebrated around the world on June 5, Cosentino created the global social and digital media campaign “We Act Because We Care” introducing the transformation of Silestone with the new, proprietary HybriQ+ technology because we believe in being the drivers of change. 

We believe in paving the way for more environmentally conscious ways of doing business and inspiring the industry to be part of this movement. This conviction has led to the creation of the new Silestone, The Ultimate Mineral HybriQ+ Surface, the result of three years and countless hours of R&D efforts. This innovative technology in the manufacturing process of Silestone is powered by renewable energy, reused water, and contains a blend of minerals, quartz, and a minimum of 20% recycled materials in its composition. HybriQ+ allows Silestone to maintain its properties while enhancing color and making it a more sustainable product throughout the entirety of its value chain. 


In the wake of World Environment Day, Cosentino will soon be launching its newest Silestone collection: Sunlit Days, inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean. All five colors in the series (Arcilla Red, Faro White, Cincel Grey, Cala Blue, and Posidonia Green) were created with HybriQ+ technology and are certified Carbon Neutral, marking an important milestone towards a more sustainable future for all. 

We transformed Silestone because we care. We created HybriQ+ because we care. If we want to see change, it is not enough to say it, we must act.