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When in Spain …


Because our time in Spain with the Trendspotters isn’t just about work, we were delighted to see Kerrie Kelly sharing one of our most memorable meals with her followers at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.  She highlighted the history and culture behind, Los Caroles, a restaurant in Barcelona’s famed Gothic District, where we had one of our first gatherings in Spain. In Kerrie’s own words:

“With our hosts from Cosentino, we were lucky enough to have our party of 12 seated in the intimate Cellar space. With legs of jamon hanging from the ceiling, one gets an instant flavor for the space, its food and its authenticity.”

   /></p><blockquote><p style=“The restaurant’s well-earned fame has spread all over the world and is now an absolute must for all those visiting Barcelona. It stands out as being frequented by famous personalities from the world of art, show business, politics and finance, hence it’s award for the Medal of Merit for Tourism.”

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