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Why you should opt for contemporary bathroom vanities

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It is trendy nowadays to go for contemporary bathroom vanities, which will bring a modern aesthetic to your space, along with many more benefits. We’ve detailed them all for you.

If you’ve been peeking through architectural and interior decoration magazines recently, you’ve surely noticed that contemporary bathroom vanities are all the rage for bathrooms. One of the reasons for this is that they undoubtedly give flair and character to modern bathroom vanity tops, but there are other practical reasons explaining their popularity, which we are going to discuss in this article.

contemporary bathroom vanities

The conjunction between functionality and design

The washbasin is an essential for any bathroom, from the larger ones meant to be shared, where each one of the partners gets his own, to the smaller guest lavatories. Contemporary bathroom vanities are a fit for all of them:

    • They confer a greater sense of spaciousness and cleanliness to the room.
    • Installing the washbasin is very easy; it just needs to be placed on top of the chosen bathroom vanity; synthetic, made of glass, of wood, laminated…
    • The type you choose will make all the difference in your bathroom design which will then be ready for the limelight.
    • You can find a wide range of different shapes and sizes; the bowl, squared, rectangular and oval ones particularly stand out.
    • With a counter top washbasin you don’t have to lean in so much to wash your hands or to brush your teeth, among other perks
    • You can considerably reduce the water sprinkling on the vanity, compared to the traditional designs.
    • The tap is not part of the washbasin, which lets you choose your favourite model (chromed, white, brass…), it can then be placed on the surface or on the wall. To seal the deal, you have to select bathroom vanity tops which will harmonize your room as they will echo its colors and aesthetic, and because they will be part of its centerpiece.


Counter top washbasin: 3 contemporary ideas that you will love

There are various styles which shape modern decoration. You will find displayed here a rustic space, followed by a minimalist one and, finally, an oriental design, all of which we hope will inspire you.

1. Rustic style, modern and chic

If you want a bathroom with a modern-rustic style, you can go for this example. It shows a warm bathroom thanks, mostly, to the wood featured and used for the vanity and around the bath. Other elements, like the wicker basket and the white pebbles under the tub, contribute to create a rural atmosphere. Finally, the oval shaped sinks of contemporary bathroom vanities are most eye-catching.

contemporary bathroom vanities


2. Minimalist style

Minimalism is always associated with sobriety as this style first rule is to use a minimum of elements to decorate your space. The bathroom we feature is a great example of this philosophy. The modern touch is added by the vanity and washbasin, emphasizing straight lines, which instill lightness; and the color yellow, that gives a striking look to the room and will make all the heads turn.

contemporary bathroom vanities

Encimera color Amarillo Gea, Silestone by Cosentino

3. Oriental Style

You are looking for an oriental contemporary style for your bathroom? The option that we present combienes both styles perfectly. The combination of wooden walls with a white countertop gives this bathroom space and elegance. The black sink is the final touch that bring all the textures together.

contemporary bathroom vanities

Floor  Makai, Dekton by Cosentino

As you must have seen, contemporary bathroom vanities are the perfect choice, independently of your house style. But, which one would you go for?

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