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XGloss: A Spectacular Finish

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In life and countertops, it’s always about the finish – that’s why XGloss, Dekton®’s new dazzling finish, is a showstopper.

XGloss combines an extraordinary crystalline brightness with the strength and resistance of Dekton®’s ultra compact surfaces. No other surface with similar characteristics achieves this combination of aesthetics with technical performance.

To reach this spectacular Dekton® finish, Cosentino Group’s R&D Department has developed a “Nanocoating Process”. This revolutionary nanotechnology treatment gives Dekton® XGloss unique hidrofugant (water repellent) properties. These properties enhance the color, shine, and feeling of the material while also giving it an extraordinary resistance to stains and UV rays.

The amount of creative possibilities that XGloss offers architects and designers for both indoor and outdoor projects is practically unlimited. Think enhanced staircases, countertops, facades, and flooring!

Halo: Its soft white hue married with a high-gloss finish makes Halo an instant classic—fitting traditional aesthetics and sleek, modern spaces alike.


Blaze: Evocative of a dark-polished mirror in gunmetal gray, the highly reflective nature of the material brings instant luxe and brilliance to its applications.


Lumina: Highly saturated, Lumina is a warm taupe that brings an earthy hue juxtaposed with unmatched radiance and reflectivity to a space’s color palette.


Spectra: Solid black with exceptional shine, Spectra is a luminous and intense black color that lends a spectacular elegance to any project, whether used indoors or outdoors.


To see more on the many application possibilities for Dekton® XGloss follow along on Twitter and Instagram with #DektonUnlimited.

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