Dekton: High-performance flooring for interior surfaces

Dekton has no organic components and is unalterable even in extreme conditions. Its durability and versatility in terms of formats makes it perfect when it comes to outdoor flooring.

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Large format, minimal number of joints

Its large 3240 X 1440 mm format allows for the reduction of the number of joints. Likewise, the dimensions of the joints, thanks to the low linear expansion of Dekton, are reduced to the minimum necessary expression.

The smooth flatness that characterizes the material creates a continuous uniform expanse that appears to extend interior spaces


Thermal lineal expansion

UNE EN ISO 10545-8

Expansion between 30–100º


6.5 10 - 6

Moisture expansion

UNE EN ISO 10545-10

Maximum expansion



Medium expansion



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Completely resistant to extreme weather

Dekton is not altered by the external environment, even in extreme conditions. This is due in part to the lack of organic components in its composition.

It is resistant to UV rays and is unalterable over the years.

It is not affected by sudden changes in temperature as it is resistant to thermal shock.

In addition to being freeze-resistant, thanks to its almost zero porosity and the quality of its ultra-compact material, ice does not set in even under extreme conditions.


Resistance to thermal shock

UNE EN ISO 10545-9

Pass/no damage


UNE EN ISO 10545-10

Pass/no damage

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Possibility of unlimited cutting

Dekton adapts to the configuration of the floor since it can be cut, which presents an infinity of possibilities and geometries. This also allows us to create precise shots in the most complex areas.

The tables are designed to be presented in a format where the material stands out because of its size, or in smaller dimensions where the material stands out on account of its quality in detail or texture.

Thanks to the versatility of Dekton, it’s possible to make an “all-in-one” product, using the material in interior cladding, furniture, skirting, skirting and for the flooring, giving continuity to the whole project.

Image number 35 of the current section of Outdoor Flooring of Cosentino USA

Resistant to the mass transit of people

High traffic means intensive use of the material. If its features include high resistance to wear, the better it will perform in this regard.

A good example of this is the comparison between different areas of airports, where Dekton is able to make it so that the areas with the most traffic have the same tone and uniformity as the ones that have less traffic.

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