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Replacing your countertop, step by step


The countertop is the key feature of any kitchen, the area where we work, manage food and keep our cooking utensils. It is also the main design feature, as it sets the aesthetic note of the space. Now that we have been spending more time there, you may have decided it’s time to renew it and make it more functional and enjoyable. Did you know that just by replacing the kitchen countertop you can get a completely new space? Do you want to know more about how to successfully install a kitchen countertop? Find out more here. You will see that even on a tight budget, your kitchen will look brand new without the time-consuming construction work.


First, we need to think about what material to choose, as it must be resistant, hygienic, functional and, naturally, good-looking. Silestone and Dekton are two highly durable, stain and scratch resistant surfaces. They also have a wide range of design options. Sensa by Cosentino features easy-to-maintain granite and quartzite, thanks to its stain-resistant protection. All of these brands are available in a wide range of designs and prices, from the most affordable colors with simple designs, to much more sophisticated hues.

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Visit our network of kitchen dealers and fabricators, get advice and receive a proposal according to your budget.


The price of the counter surfaces is by square foot, considering that the width of the kitchen worktop is usually 24-26 in, since base units and standard electrical household appliances are 24 in deep. As for kitchen islands, these measurements vary, but they are normally over 35 in.

The height at which the kitchen counter is placed must be as comfortable as possible for the people using it. According to the average height of American people, the work surface is usually 90-95 cm from the floor, both men and women. This is adjusted by professionals before installing the kitchen worktop, using the adjustable legs of the units.


How to install a kitchen countertop and renew the space in a few hours, instead of a complete remodel that can take around 10-15 working days: The professional who installs your new countertop will check that all the cabinets are leveled. They will carefully remove the sink and cooktop. The old surface and accessories, as well as the trims, will then be removed. The new kitchen countertops will be installed over the cabinets. If everything is properly prepared, they will proceed to fix the countertop using silicone.

Consider that if you have selected a Silestone countertop, you can also update the sink with the same material, thus achieving a continuous surface.

After installing the sink and cleaning all materials, you will enjoy a new countertop in your home. The renovation is simple, fast and affordable.

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