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Update your countertop, the heart of the kitchen


During this time when everyone needs to be more at home, the kitchen has become our refuge, a place for cooking and spending time with our families. Maybe you feel like your kitchen or countertops are not quite right for you - maybe they need a new look. Do you want to freshen up your kitchen without spending too much money or having to turn it ‘upside down’ for too long? You just need to replace your kitchen countertop. A fast and cost-effective remodel to completely change the look and functionality of the space. Find out how to replace your counter surface.


Today’s situation provides us with the ideal opportunity to make changes in the kitchen. We have spent a lot of time in there, and the new circumstances will give us much more time to enjoy it. This will be an investment that you will certainly benefit from in the upcoming months.



The countertop is the key element in a kitchen, for this reason the material selection is crucial: it must be a resistant and durable surface, with a design that you love.

Silestone countertops offer high resistance to stains and scratches. Dekton surfaces allow you to place hot pans and cut food directly on the material. On the other hand, Sensa by Cosentino combines the beauty of natural stone with the protection against stains to improve its maintenance and durability. All Cosentino brands are available in a wide range of prices, from the most affordable colors with simple designs, to much more sophisticated hues.

Visit our network of kitchen dealers and fabricators, and get advice on the color that best suits your needs.


Leaving the installation of the kitchen countertops in hands of professionals is the best way to avoid unnecessary surprises. Firstly, they will safely remove the sink and countertop. Then check the cabinets are perfectly leveled. Before completely fitting the kitchen counter, they will need to check that it is full supported. The different parts will be glued together, the trims will be fixed, and the sink and countertop will be sealed. After that, the surface needs to be cleaned of silicone.


If you want to complete the design and functionality of the kitchen, select one of the Silestone sinks, which offer the same features, are joint-free and give the work area visual continuity.In just a few hours you will enjoy a brand new kitchen and, best of all, with no major costs or hard work. Now, all that is left is to enjoy every part of this space in the most pleasant and comfortable way.

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