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Committed to the Future, Committed to You: Cosentino’s Environmental Commitment

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As we celebrate this year’s Earth Day, we’re reminded that sustainability and the commitment to our environment should be a priority year-round. Cosentino is committed to building a prosperous, safe, and sustainable industry for the future. 

In 2019, Cosentino allocated $11.8 million USD to the start-up of assets related to our environmental management and $9.1 million USD to environmental expenses. Cosentino also increased the waste recycling rate by 30% compared to 2018 in the Cantoria Industrial Park and completed the first year operating our own non-hazardous waste treatment and recovery plant. These tangible commitments by Cosentino are made in line with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda. In committing to sustainability and a positive environmental impact, the company adheres to strategic objectives like innovation (Sustainable Development Goal 9) and sustainable production (Sustainable Development Goal 12).

Continued Commitment & Achievements

Some landmark measures have already been instituted at Cosentino, including water management through constant reuse and “zero discharge”, the reuse of residual materials for new products (last year, 1.5 million m2 of products were produced using recovered or recycled material), landscape restoration through an extensive green belt within the Industrial Park in Cantoria, Spain, and consumption of electric energy from 100% certified renewable sources, among other initiatives. Of these pioneering and innovative projects, the construction and launch last year of a self-contained Residual Materials Processing Plant within the company’s Industrial Park in Cantoria is worth highlighting in particular. This plant is dedicated to the sustainable treatment and processing of residual materials generated by the company in its production processes, especially sludge from the production of Silestone® and Dekton®, as well as leftover broken or defective pieces. To highlight the importance of this initiative, it is worth mentioning that the company currently manages a total of approximately 300,000 tons of residual material (over 771 tons per day), and recovers more than 30.53% of this. 

In addition to implementing an eco-friendly process, Cosentino is committed to sustainable projects. With innovations like Dekton that provide lightness, adaptability and resistance, making the building more sustainable in its construction, and a product warranty of 25 years, it’s made to last.

Looking Ahead to a Sustainable Future

For Cosentino Group sustainable development is an essential pillar of its strategy, taking environmental protection throughout the value chain as one of the most important commitments. Through this commitment, the aim is to minimize the impact of the activity generated by Cosentino, being key in this regard the measurement of the organization’s carbon footprint, as well as the strategies for its reduction and compensation. Fundamentally, aspects related to efficiency in the use of resources, waste management, emissions to the atmosphere, dumping and other potential impacts are addressed throughout the value chain. In addition, the Cosentino Group’s environmental management aims at sustainability in the use of natural resources and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems in the environments in which it operates.

 With this objective, we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement to advance towards a model committed to climate change and the circular economy, promoting the change towards an efficient economy in the use of resources, with the best available technologies, and the minimization and waste recovery. Based on this, we work so that our processes improve the efficiency of the use of raw materials, we reuse the water from our processes, reduce the waste generated and extend the life cycle of products, promoting their repair, reuse and recycling.

There is no future without Sustainability.

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