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Dekton Avant-Garde Series Wins #MetropolisLikes NYCxDesign 2020 Award

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The Dekton Avant-Garde Series has been named a winner in the 2020 #MetropolisLikes NYCxDesign 2020 Awards.

For the 8th consecutive year, Metropolis editors have sought out the top products on offer in New York City, in a tightly curated awards program known as #MetropolisLikes. The 32 winners of the 2020 #MetropolisLikes NYCxDESIGN awards include offerings for the home with beautiful design, functionality and sustainability in mind. 

Please find a full list of winners, across all categories here as well as additional information on the Dekton Avant-Garde Series below:

Dekton Laurent, Dekton Khalo, Dekton Helena

Comprised of three stunning new hues, Laurent, Helen and Khalo, the collection draws inspiration from the most coveted natural stone materials found around the world – each offering spectacular shine and unrivaled durability. Each color in the series offers a bold, contemporary personality, meant for use in the most modern, avant-garde projects.

  • Dekton Laurent: Inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent, the striking colorway features a dramatic dark brown background crisscrossed with veins of gold. Featuring pronounced yet simple veining, this colorway offers a modern take on one of the most sought-after natural stones with unparalleled durability. Laurent forms part of Dekton® Natural Collection.
  • Dekton Helena: Featuring a translucent appearance of white and grey hues, this colorway is inspired by onyx natural stone. The delicate crackled effect and remarkable shine provides onyx’s characteristic depth. Helena joins the Dekton® XGloss Stonika Collection.
  • Dekton Khalo: Khalo is inspired by Patagonia Natural Stone, one of the most appreciated granites worldwide for its complex formation and colors. The subtle spots of black, pale gold and coffee brown compose the innovative hue. Thanks to the polished finish with Dekton XGloss technology, the colorway achieves a spectacular shine and depth, boosting its complex and colorful structure. Khalo is integrated into the Dekton® XGloss Stonika Collection.

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