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Dekton Dazzles at the 2020 Dallas Dream Home

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Cosentino is delighted to participate in Dream Street 2020, a collaboration between Fort Worth Magazine and builders and subcontractors to produce three luxury-built homes on 1-acre lots at the end of a cul-de-sac in Southlake’s exclusive Oxford Place.

The homes will be open Saturday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 25th and host tours Thursday-Sunday to benefit the magazine’s official charity, a Wish with Wings whose mission is granting magical wishes for young Texans with life-threatening medical conditions.

Dekton by Cosentino is present throughout the space at 1105 High Court, designed by Susan Semmelman. The home has a rustic yet contemporary look and feel, and is inspired by the 1 Hotel Central Park in New York City. With a modern floor plan and over 7,500 square feet, Semmelman had ample room to experiment with a variety of Dekton applications in a unique way. Below, Semmelman shares more about her inspiration, design process, and working with Dekton.

Why did you decide to participate in this opportunity? 

I have participated in Dream Homes in the past, and I love being able to showcase innovative design in the Dallas market and to be a part of raising money for a beautiful charity called A Wish With Wings. A Wish With Wings grants wishes to children who are either terminally ill or have a life-threatening disease. My motto is “The Spirit of Living is in the Giving” and I love to give my resources and talents where I can.

What room(s) did you design? 

I designed all the spaces throughout the entire home from the ground up. I not only selected all the materials to the interior furnishings but also took the blueprint and envisioned how to create a one of a kind look and feeling in each space. 

Describe the overall aesthetic of your space. What inspired your vision? 

I wanted to put a little bit of nature in every room to have a cohesive organic approach in the design elements. I used concrete-look materials mixed with wood and other natural materials that relate to nature. 

The fireplace was a space to bring something unique. I was inspired to create a massive 18 foot floor-to-ceiling design with a contemporary feel using Dekton Radium. I chose Dekton because of the look and the fact the slab would accommodate the width with no seam. 

In the office, I was inspired to give the wall blocks a 3D effect with a metal leather-look made of Dekton Sirius mixed with the gloss material, Dekton Spectra, to give it the rustic contemporary edge we were looking for. It encompassed and surrounded the horse art perfectly.

Who do you envision living in this space? From both a design and functionality standpoint, how did that inspire the materials you specified? 

I designed this space for someone who loves something bold and unique, and who is looking for a space to entertain. They would also have to be comfortable with the structure of the space acting as an art form within the room. I loved the look, the durability, and the span in which I could use the material. From flooring to wall art, shelving to a fireplace, countertops to shower surrounds, the product gives me endless options to create.

We understand you specified material from Cosentino in your space. What material did you use, and in what application?

We used Dekton Strato on the main interior and exterior bottom floor because it can go indoor and outdoor. We wanted to introduce something unique that was different than hardwood or a tile. I loved that it had a concrete, organic feel and the minimal grout joints. We chose a slab size specifically to give the material a flowing appearance.

We selected Dekton Radium for the fireplace because it had a seamless application and provided a “wow” factor of a rustic contemporary edge. Dekton Strato was the perfect fit for the risers in the stairwell because of the seamless joint application. 

For the countertops in the outdoor kitchen, we chose Dekton Soke, as the material could be mitered nicely for the fabrication on the seam of the countertop edge, not to mention the heat rating is spectacular around a grill and has the durability to handle extremely hot items. 

We also used Dekton Sogne slab material on the guest bathroom shower walls to highlight the accent tile with a sheen and elegant design. Dekton Spectra was the perfect fit for the wine room ceiling because it could accommodate a climate controlled environment and gave the aesthetic look we needed to complete the contemporary space with an edgy design.

From a design and aesthetic standpoint, why did you select these colors?

We selected these colors because they all have an organic feel and look that fit seamlessly with the overall design. Using natural textures and concrete elements allowed the design process to flow cohesively with the statement look I was seeking.

From a durability and functionality standpoint, why did you select the material you did?

I love that it can withstand the test of time. It is a product that will not have to be replaced due the fact it has a timeless appearance and it has an incredible endurance to handle weather and wear.

What sets it apart from other surfacing? 

The way it looks after fabrication really sets Dekton apart for me. Many products are beautiful and fit the overall look but may be brittle or the edging details may be difficult. Since I was going for more of a contemporary feel, Dekton fit 100% of the need I was searching for from the look to the performance.

What are the top 3 design tips you’d like fellow design pros and homeowners to take away from your space? 

If you want to be unique, execute the conviction of what you believe that you want to see as the outcome. Many times because something has not been done, customers are uneasy about the risk. If you really believe in the vision, you can create a beautiful reality that both you and your client are happy with. 

Use products that allow you to be creative with their application. While Dekton is primarily known for countertops, I love that we used it for a fireplace surround, floating shelves, wall art and more!

Put yourself in the center of every room, not just the total concept, but in each space so that you can breathe in what you want to feel and how you want to live in that space at that time. I believe in making each space in the home a place you want to enjoy to the fullest while you are there. 

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