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Dekton & Silestone Make a Statement in Schumacher Homes’ Parade of Homes Design

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Dekton and Silestone’s latest colors and applications stole the show in Schumacher Homes’ house in the 2020 Parade of Homes in Canton, Ohio. The home was awarded the distinction of Best Overall Design and Best Family Room/Great Room design. Below, John Becker of Schumacher Home shares more on the inspiration and style of the space, and his team’s use of Cosentino materials throughout the home:

1. What was the goal of building this home?

The goal of the Charleston II Modern Farmhouse was to present a home in the 2020 Parade of Homes in Canton, Ohio, that displayed the best in architectural and modern farmhouse design trends. The Charleston is one of our popular floor plans, which we knew would work well in the parade and appeal to various customers and their lifestyles. Plus, the modern farmhouse style is still very popular, so we knew it would be enticing for homeowners in this area. 

2. Describe the overall aesthetic and layout of the home. What inspired your vision?

The Charleston II is a gorgeous 2,833 square foot home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. This home provides open space, tons of storage and the latest in architectural design. A larger version of the popular Charleston house plan, this home was designed with the intention of hosting a big group. The kitchen is equipped with plenty of cooktop and counter space where guests can experience a sense of openness and ease.

Other highlights of this home include:

  • 12’ tall ceilings: Volume and space are key attributes of a new custom home. The 12’ tall ceilings provide an open, airy feeling and increase the already spacious open floor plan design. 
  • Pocket Office: The pocket office was created as a transitional space and serves as a perfect opportunity for a small home office where kids can work on their homework or you can sift through emails on a Saturday morning. 
  • Outdoor living in front and back: Outdoor living spaces provide the perfect opportunity to extend your indoor living spaces, outside. Perfect for entertaining or relaxing after a long day. 

Our vision was to build a home that homeowners could imagine themselves living in, entertaining in and relaxing in, but with all the modern farmhouse design trends that make the home unique.

3. Who do you envision as the ideal homeowner and why? 

The great thing about the Charleston II house plan is that it works well for homeowners in various life stages. At Schumacher Homes, we have homeowners looking for a one-story option, but still want to have the space to entertain family and friends, especially around the holidays, and the Charleston II is a great option for that. Young families also enjoy the space and openness of the floor plan, because it allows them the option to be in the kitchen, meal-prepping and watching over the children playing in the great room at the same time. It’s a very spacious, open, versatile plan, which is why it has become one of our homeowners’ favorites.

4. We understand you specified a material from Cosentino for the home. What material did you use, in which spaces of the home and in what application? 

Throughout the home we were looking for a balance between textures in each room – Dekton and Silestone achieved all of our goals for this home. The stunning 60” fireplace was inspired by the Cosentino booth at KBIS 2020. The vision was a fireplace wall with Dekton as the veneer from floor to ceiling. We used Dekton Laurent because of the natural look in a slim 1.2 cm thickness – it was the perfect product as the thickness allows for the slabs to easily be mounted around a fireplace.

The shower inspiration started with thinking, “how do we eliminate grout lines, make a cleaner looking shower and also improve the style?” Dekton Liquid Embers and Dekton Aura were the perfect balance between black and white. This clean contemporary shower showcases high design and will look as great as the day it was installed — without having to clean grout or worrying about fading, cleaning, etc.

We followed the similar inspiration of the shower right into the kitchen – we wanted to make it not just a world-class design but add functionality where unpredictable. We went with Silestone Calacatta Gold and Silestone Marquina as an accent – the waterfall edge and built-up edge on the countertops look great, but also increase the height, making it a more comfortable level. We added a full quartz backsplash keeping with the clean lines and added functionality of ease to clean and maintain. Finally, to keep the balance between black and white we added an accent at the kitchen island wall for a unique look.

5. What are the top three tips you’d like fellow builders and homeowners to take away from this project?

For homeowners looking to build a custom home with a modern farmhouse style, black windows with white interiors are a must. Black trim windows continue to rise with popularity year-over-year. They are a simple and effective way to add a modern touch to the classic farmhouse style.  

Another thing to consider when building a home is incorporating a messy kitchen in the floor plan. Adjacent to the main kitchen space, a messy kitchen is the ultimate kitchen prep space, keeping messes out of sight when entertaining. A messy kitchen can be the answer you are looking for to help entertain in style, giving you an efficient, distraction free area of the home.  

Finally, a great way to make the owner’s retreat feel more luxurious is to incorporate a cathedral ceiling. A cathedral ceiling can make a room feel grand and make even a rather tight space feel voluminous by adding height to the room, cheating the eyes and mind into believing the square footage is far more than it may actually be.

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