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Designers Gloribell Lebron, Jeanne K. Chung, and Laura Schwartz-Muller share inspiration behind First-Ever Seasonal Living Virtual Showhouse

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Cosentino is honored to sponsor the first-ever Seasonal Living Virtual Showhouse, a 20,000 square foot tourable and shoppable luxury designer showhouse, built entirely in the virtual world. This marks the first time Cosentino has sponsored a virtual showhouse to continue supporting the design industry as it adapts to the new normal within the pandemic environment.

From Dec. 3rd, 2020,  the luminary spaces will showcase the very latest from Cosentino’s ultra-compact Dekton® and Silestone® quartz surfaces including Dekton Laurent, Dekton Bromo, Silestone Et. Noir and more. Featuring work from 11 leading interior designers, Cosentino spoke with Gloribell Lebron, Jeanne K. Chung, Laura Schwartz-Muller about their designs, expertise, inspiration, and innovative use of Cosentino materials.

Below you’ll find the designers’ inspiration, and to tour the home, visit here. Check back in later this week to see the remaining spaces and hear additional participating designer’s inspiration!


Gloribell Lebron, Lebron Interiors

Why did you decide to participate in this virtual showhome? What room(s) did you design? 

This virtual showhouse brought the opportunity to show people how to approach design in a new realm. Any room can now be previewed before physically bringing it to life and this fact gives clients another level of confidence when it comes to their space. I’ve designed the office/guest bedroom in this showhouse where I was able to showcase the possibilities and efficiency of one single room. 

Describe the overall aesthetic of your space. What inspired your vision? 

I wanted to create an office that felt somewhat like a retreat. A space that, while you go there to work, doesn’t’ feel heavy and that it would provide you with a sense of amplitude. At the same time this room needed to have the ability to be transformed into a guest bedroom when family or friends were in town.  

Who do you envision living in this space? From both a design and functionality standpoint, how did that inspire the materials you specified?

This office was created to bring a comforting and welcoming atmosphere to the user, especially between those 9-5 working hours. 

The materials, accessories and finishes selected for this space were chosen to enhance the experience and relieve the user of that overwhelmed feeling especially during these unprecedented times. A neutral palette with a moody approach was used throughout.

We understand you specified material from Cosentino in your space. What material did you use, and in what application? From a design and aesthetic standpoint, why did you select this color? From a durability and functionality standpoint, why did you select the material you did? What sets it apart from other surfacing?

In this room I wanted to strengthen the feeling of amplitude and by adding Cosentino’s Dekton slab I was able the enhance its height by making it visually more spacious. I chose the Kira Natural Collection because I wanted this room to provide a direct connection with nature but at the same time bring drama with it’s beautiful veining. The color of the Kira was ideal because it provided that moody feeling I was looking to add to this space. 

While this material is available in various thickness, to keep the light feeling of this room I used the 8mm option.


Jeanne Chung, Cozy Stylish Chic

Why did you decide to participate in this virtual showhome? 

I have done several show houses in the past, but all physical tours – this is the first virtual tour.  When this project was presented to me it piqued my interest, as this is the first virtual of its kind – one that is both built and experienced in virtual, and an entirely new experience for me.  In addition to that, it is shoppable and is introducing AR capability, where the viewer can drop items that they see on the tour straight into their home from their smart device.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking concept.  I have always been one to look to the future by introducing new product to my audience and now I can also deliver my message via this new virtual showhouse concept

What room(s) did you design? 

For the Seasonal Living Designer Showhouse I was tasked with designing the Principal Suite, which consists of 6 separate spaces – the bedroom, bathroom (with two separate water closets), a dressing room, his/hers closet, Exterior Balcony, and Private Garden. Oftentimes when designing for clients,  I have to temper my creativity because of budgetary constraints.  Because this is a virtual showhome, budget was not an issue, so I was able to implement design concepts that I wouldn’t be able to do , otherwise.  That to me, was exciting.  

Describe the overall aesthetic of your space. 

Collectively, the spaces were designed to be relaxed, yet still sophisticated.  Because the imaginary occupants are world travelers, there is color, but it is used so that it works in harmony with the surroundings.  The bathroom was configured to highlight the views to the Pacific Ocean and the Malibu coast.  The views, the water and fire features, and the moving glass walls/doors blur the boundary between the indoors and out.   The second floor  space is quite large, so we really needed to give it a lot of definition to make it stand out, and we did that by playing around with different materials and by creating patterns on the floor (mainly the bathroom and water closets.)  The Private Garden is an extension of the bathroom and creates an outdoor spa-like environment – all with an unobstructed of the Pacific Ocean.

What inspired your vision? 

I was inspired by the environment and the variety of materials at my disposal.  I love mixing materials, layering a room and adding in little details.  Mixing color, texture, materials, and pattern in a way that appears effortless is usually what I strive for in my designs, so I really looked to all the product we had to work with and allowed what was presented to me to inspire me.  With  Cosentino, I looked at the latest introductions from each of the lines and mixed in some older, tried and true materials. elements.  Juxtaposing materials – mixing high/low, new/old is one of the signature elements of how I design.  

Who do you envision living in this space?

I envision a well-traveled professional who seeks peace and tranquility when they are in their private space, upstairs.  The Principal Suite occupies the 2nd floor and is removed from the rest of the house.  The couple that resides here values health, wellness, and the environment that surrounds them. The things that they put in their home are a true reflection of their personality and their travels around the world, and it isn’t just for show.

What material did you use, and in what application? 

I used several Cosentino products, ranging from Dekton performance products to semi-precious stone slabs.  Because  I was tasked with designing so many spaces, I had the luxury of using Cosentino products in many of the ways you would use it in a home – in horizontal and vertical surfaces, both interior and exterior, wet and dry. I even experimented with the dramatic effects created by combining the different materials.

From a design and aesthetic standpoint, why did you select this color?

Because there were several spaces within the Principal Suite, I chose certain Cosentino colors/materials because of how and where it was being used.  For the outdoor areas, I made sure to use  Dekton, and because Dekton comes in a variety of colors, I  had the freedom to select the perfect colors for each area.  In some areas I wanted to mimic natural stone, in the outdoor area I wanted to create pavers that look like concrete.  In the bathroom, the floor looks like crushed shell and for the countertops in the ladies closet I went all out with semi-precious amethyst, because when you don’t have a budget, why not? 

From a durability and functionality standpoint, why did you select the material you did? What sets it apart from other surfacing?  

I made the conscious effort to choose Dekton in  both the outdoor areas and the area around the fireplace because of its performance properties.  I know that Dekton will withstand the elements and it has a high resistance to fire and heat, so it was the perfect material to use.  The sun is quite strong in Southern California and the prolonged exposure to UV sunlight will not affect the color as it often does with other surfaces.


Laura Schwartz-Muller, Four Point Design Build Inc 

Why did you decide to participate in this virtual showhome? 

I made the decision to participate in this virtual showhouse because I truly value the opportunity to stretch and explore new design concepts.  Typically, a show house is an opportunity for designers to DO JUST THAT; try new ideas that express and illustrate, not only their brand that they have developed, but how they might be leaning into the future. I’ve done MANY showcase houses over the years and each one has pushed my creativity is wonderful new ways, and has enabled me to develop many new and exciting client relationships. However, THIS showcase house required a completely NEW process! This showcase process was similar to the approach we take when we design projects digitally outside our area, nationwide, with TWO very strategic differences:  1) There was no physical opportunity to actually be “IN” the space, which is where so many designers capture nuance.  It’s where we “feel” the space physically,  which truly informs the details of proportion and scale; and 2) We didn’t have access to that final magical (and purely intuitive) staging step, where we have the opportunity to “layer in” the finishing details within the space.

What room(s) did you design? 

We designed the Outdoor spaces. 

Describe the overall aesthetic of your space. What inspired your vision? 

Our focus is always to create Clean Fresh Modern Interiors for REAL LIVING with a focus on longevity, performance, and wellness.  This was our mission in this space.

As a native Angelino, and one who has spent many long dreamy days on the beaches of Malibu, this space couldn’t be more aligned with some of my most intimate, inspiring, and soulful life experiences. Our design was driven by the natural majesty of the location and the desire to create a space that was “one” with the landscape, while still providing a seamless indoor-outdoor design that was an extension of the stunning and massive architectural design of the main house. 

Who do you envision living in this space? From both a design and functionality standpoint, how did that inspire the materials you specified?

I envision a busy creative family who loves to entertain, yet wants a home that supports their day-to-day lifestyle of wellness, good health, art and luxury.

We designed a space driven by longevity, therefore, our selection of materials was extremely important.  These materials had to be durable and function well under the pressure of the climate. Not only did they need to perform in the West Coast heat, sun, and moisture, but there are specific things to consider when a product has to endure the salty ocean air and heavy traffic. In addition, the surface had to comply with the building code requirements for slip resistance. We also considered that the finish and color may be somewhat reflective, which is why we selected the soft warm color and honed finish of LIQUID SHELL.

We understand you specified material from Cosentino in your space. What material did you use, and in what application? 

For the outdoor flooring, we selected LIQUID SHELL in a honed finish.

For the vertical breezeway walls we selected, SENSA VIA LACTEA in various custom textures, honed and polished finishes.

From a design and aesthetic standpoint, why did you select this color?

For the flooring, we selected this color and finish in particular for its non-reflective qualities.  We were looking for something luxurious, that felt “like sand” without being “too white”, which can cause harsh glare and can difficult to enjoy in direct sun.  LIQUID SHELL offered that softer neutral tone we were looking for with the feeling of warm European limestone.  

I wanted the flooring to transition seamlessly from indoor to outdoor, and all the way to the sand. The LIQUID SHELL was the perfect selection.

For the soaring 20’ wall details in the breezeway, we wanted to create a conversation space that (at the center core) grounded the entire home.  From the ground level to the interior roof line, we selected SENSA VIA LACTEA to create a one-of-a-kind moment that celebrates the drama of luxury; creating a dynamic and nature inspired juxtaposition, with large slabs of SENSA VIA LACTEA in black, espresso, and ore-like tones in various finishes, inlaid with bronze and antique brass liners (for a subtle touch of stylish yet modest sparkle), against the sandy beach-style flooring throughout the exterior.   

From a durability and functionality standpoint, why did you select the material you did? What sets it apart from other surfacing?

For the vertical wall details, we selected the SENSA VIA LACTEA for its durable and mailable properties, and absolute stunning beauty. We wanted the opportunity to play with texture, so the material we selected had to be versatile enough for carving, grinding, and polishing; creating a dramatic, and almost “interactive and touchable” sensory moment as you transition thru the space and ascend from the center of the earth, to the open and limitless outdoor area.

What sets this product apart from other finishes, besides its durability, performance, and versatility, is that these slabs are not only beautiful, (with rich color tones, finishes, articulate and dynamic veining and stone-like finishes), but Cosentino is a family brand who’s customer service and designer partnership is like no other. And for  me, that makes all the difference in the world.


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