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Black Days: Discover the most popular black kitchens

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As Black Friday is coming, we’d like to share our contribution to this expected day with you, by talking about black kitchens. Because, apart from commercial holidays, black kitchens are on trend.

Eternal Noir – Silestone by Cosentino

Back in the 60s,  the Spanish music group “Los Bravos” told us that Black is Black, with their first single by a Spanish group to top the international charts. The color black is associated with power, mystery, strength, authority and elegance. Black is essentially the absence of color and, in fact, for a long time it was prohibited from fashion and decoration due to its somber connotations. Yet, during the 90s, the color black became a symbol of balance and elegance.

So, black is definitely back, bringing with it endless possibilities. First of all, the color black works with up to 5 remarkable combinations that are sure to turn heads:


  1. The black and wooden kitchen

 The color black combines perfectly with wooden elements, lending discretion and elegance with an industrial touch. Wood, on the other hand, evokes organic and natural feelings. These elements make black and wood the ideal combination for your kitchen.

Kelya – Dekton by Cosentino – Project: Cuisine Lepesqueux Leconte

Wood also creates a smooth visual link from the kitchen to the living room. We adore smooth cupboard doors with a lacquered matte finish and unique handles that add character, such as vintage shell-shaped handles or those in antique gold. Another way to bring warmth into a black and wooden kitchen is to add mosaic flooring.


  1. Kitchen with black countertops.

 Just like black kitchens, black countertops are on trend. They combine perfectly with natural wood kitchens or with lacquered wood in darker tones. In addition, they mix perfectly with kitchens featuring grey or white-lacquered cabinets. We are particularly partial to kitchens that use natural stone with veins or small imperfections, by adding charisma to the material.

Eternal Noir – Silestone by Cosentino

The Silestone by Cosentino brand features two very special models of black countertops: the elegant Eternal Noir with white & gold veining that is perfect for a central island and Eternal Marquina, with nearly undetectable veining, both inspired by natural stones. These two additions are part of our Eternal collection that was created in 2017. Silestone took the decision to renew the collection in order to respond to the increasing trends that supported black kitchens and marble.


  1. The modern black kitchen with a clue of white

 Another combination that works really well in a black kitchen is if we add a touch of white. We can do it by adding the white color to a marble or stone countertop, stripped wood or porcelain flooring or any furniture.

Marquina – Silestone by Cosentino

For the finishing touches, black and white tiled walls, checkered flooring and black tap fittings are just some perfect additions to a modern black kitchen.


  1. The almost-black kitchen

If you’re looking for a slightly more conservative style and to move away from the most popular trends, why not choose for an equally contemporary but modest alternative to the black kitchen. We’re talking about kitchens with wooden cabinets with grey lacquer finishes or smoke-colored countertops. Another option is a grey sink integrated into the countertop. Our favorite sink is the Integrity Q model, thanks to its organic, seamless finish.

Graphite Grey – Sensa by Cosentino

You can find a wide range of proposals for black and grey kitchens on the Silestone Pinterest board to be up to date with this trend.


  1. The black and steel kitchen

 Our last option in this “best color combinations” chapter is the black and steel kitchen: a classic mix that never disappoints. We take great inspiration from sober and functional models created by German brands that give the impression of being built to last forever.

Domoos – Dekton by Cosentino. Project: Fabri

We recommend mixing black with steel in kitchens that feature large, smooth, harmonized panels free from bumps and handles – where all appliances and drawers blend seamlessly and disappear. The black and steel kitchen is ideal for open spaces that blend into the living room. One way to make this science-fiction style kitchen a little more “human” is to combine it with empty brick walls or add a long table made from unfinished wood.

You now have five proposals to dress your kitchen in black. It doesn’t have to be Black Friday to modernize your cabinets or countertop. There’s always a good excuse to make your house a real home. And the kitchen is, without any doubt, the best place to start with.

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