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Calacatta Gold Marble Feel: the Aesthetics of Marble with the Advantages of Quartz

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Calacatta Gold MarbleCalacatta Gold Marble – Calacatta Gold Countertop and cladding, Silestone, by Cosentino

Can you imagine Calacatta, one of the most appreciated marbles since ancient times, for its eternal and distinguished appearance, in a version that remains unchanged over the course of time, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms? Stop imagining it because it is available in Silestone’s Calacatta Gold marble feel.

The marbled textures are very appreciated for their elegant veins and undisputed natural beauty. Calacatta Gold simulates to perfection this elegant white marble with gray-and-blue veins and gentle shades of gold, which add luminosity and sophistication to the kitchen or bathroom in which it is installed. Thus, the luxurious and exclusive aspect of this marble variety goes hand in hand with the incomparable features of our synthetic quartz countertops.

Calacatta Gold Marble Feel: White with Shades of Gray

Calacatta marble is one of the most desired natural stones in history due to its subtle white tone combined with rich and distinct gray veins, which bless it with a very special elegance. Confident of the possibility of using other materials to simulate the spectacular aesthetics of natural stones, Cosentino launched the Eternal series in 2017. The series is inspired by some of the most popular varieties in the world of design, such as Calacatta Gold, Marquina or Statuario. Materials which are made from quartz!

If you choose surfaces such as Silestone’s Calacatta Gold marble feel, you will be able to produce an environment that stands out for its exclusivity while keeping all of the following practical features:

  • Quartz is one of the hardest and most resistant elements known (more than granite or even marble). Its innovative N-Boost technology produces a higher intensity of colors, an extraordinary brightness, and allows for an even easier daily cleaning and maintenance of the countertops due to the material’s water-resistant property.
  • The material needs no special maintenance care. Simply apply a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning agent to keep its surface stain-free and its color like new.
  • It is a very versatile material, suitable for kitchen countertops and bathrooms, walls, and parapets in the cooking area, for example.

Calacatta GoldCountertop color Calacatta Gold, Silestone by Cosentino

Banking on white

White countertops are an ideal classic choice for spaces of any decorative style, from the rustic and traditional to the Nordic and most minimalist of styles.

White Zeus Extreme is one of Silestone’s star colors because it contributes to creating simple and elegant environments. Additionally, there is the White North, Zeus Classic White (in a slightly more toasted tone than the Zeus Extreme White), or the flaming Iconic White, in fine grain, and even whiter than the Zeus Extreme White.

In the same collection as Calacatta Gold (the Eternal series) is the Statuario model, featuring a bluish-white surface with luminous and bright veins in gray and pink tones, and Pearl Jasmine, inspired by the popular Macaúbas white marble, offering an off-white background with gray streaks and irregular and crisscrossed waves. All of these varieties are perfect to give the environments a highly-refined look.

If you like the impressive quartered effect of natural stone streaks, and the performance and resistance of quartz, do not think twice about choosing Calacatta Gold. It will represent a very good choice, not only for its white color but also for its dazzling and subtle golden sparkles. Can you resist its charm?

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