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Ceramic wall tile: a guide to get to know more about this material

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Kitchen with a black and white mosaic hydraulic ceramic covering style


Ceramic has been part of our lives for thousands of years. Actually, talking about ceramic wall tiles, ancient Babylonians already acknowledged the longevity and strength of this material. Nowadays, so many centuries after, ceramic is still a great choice for wall coverings of all kinds of spaces, interior and exterior alike. Thus, we want to explain to you what are ceramic coverings, and which are the trending designs and layouts.

How is a ceramic wall tile made?

Ceramic is a material made of clay, sand and other inorganic materials, which is then usually hardened with fire inside a kiln. This is a material similar to porcelain, except that ceramic is made with thicker raw materials. Ceramic wall tiles are usually coated with ornamental enamel, which allies colors, different textures and coatings, or an imprinted decorative pattern.


Trending coverings

Beside the traditional tiling, there are many others which emulate different coatings, larger sizes, new tiles formats and many more, which feature intriguing textures and reliefs, completed with designs for any type of ambiance.


Kitchen island with wood imitation ceramic wall tiles

Coatings that reproduce natural elements are the most sought after options. Thanks to new technology, it is now possible to replicate materials like stones, slate, marble, and even wood. The new patterns feature real wood coating of various shades; the perfect option to instill warmth and authenticity to any room.

Bathroom with ceramic wall tiles and wooden imitation slats floor


There is now a revolution in the ceramic covering sector largely due to the use of laser printing, an innovative new technique which allows to emboss high-resolution images on ceramic of other kind of materials, like steel, wood, stone, leather, gold-metallized, silver or copper, cement, hydraulic tiles, and even tapestries and wallpapers; which are just some of the many options available. Adding texture is key to achieve complete realism, using punches and casts specifically designed to create the perfect finish.

Silestone front cladding and countertop, color Noka, DHS photo


Large-scale coverings are useful to reduce joints, and so create a sensation of continuity; it’s one of the most popular option used in the design of modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Besides giving a polished aspect to the walls, this type of covering, like the ones offered by Silestone, also enables the materials used for the countertop or the floor to merge into a single piece and create a space visually more attractive and modern. Also keep in mind the advantages of ceramic surfaces, their high resistance to stains and hits above all.

White kitchen with wooden ceramic wall tiles and a white honeycomb styled worktop backsplash.


Given the wide range of textures and reliefs, some of the most sophisticated designs are made with three dimensional engraved ceramic coverings, as well as geometrical, floral or vegetal patterns with relief. Beside modern designs, handcrafted ceramic coverings are also particularly relevant to design modern kitchens: the metro tiles or the fish-scales tiles, a rising type of covering, will infuse your rooms with style and personality.

Dekton by Consentino covering and countertop, color Soke

As for the Natural Chic style lovers, there is an innovative type of tiles, which combines the essence of the industrial style with the beauty and uniqueness of the natural environments: coverings that emulate cement in its most polished and urban form. Laos and Vera are both new colors from Dekton by Cosentino, which are an example of the perfect elements needed to design stylish and personalized spaces.

This type of covering also comes with three different anchoring systems options: the simple, mixed or dry abating system. Depending on the use and location, interior or exterior, another system will have to be applied to insure the longevity and resistance of the installation.

Handcrafted, large-scale or ceramic coverings made of smaller ceramic wall tiles, have become an essential decorative resource to design an aesthetic and functional kitchen. Choosing the right one will make your space more balanced and harmonious, both crucial aspects to design the perfect kitchen plan.


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