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Today’s Top Trends in Interior Design

Top Trends

1. New Minimalism

In a complex world, the value of simplicity is always increasing. Now, trends in design and interior spaces are following suit. Effortless silhouettes in neutral color palettes add a light feeling to a space without sacrificing comfort, at a time when space itself is a true luxury.

2. Footloose and Fancy Fringe

This trend embodies the echoes of a festive and luxurious era. Art Deco and the roaring 20s are making a comeback, joyfully renewing our living spaces. These elements of design allow for expression of personality through decidedly bold color choices.

3. Return to Craftwork

Appreciation for the value of craftsmanship is noticeably on the rise. Organic shapes are back in the spotlight, paired with a natural aesthetic. This shift in trends gives us a chance to relax and unplug, providing an escape from hours spent in the digital world. New craftsmanship, always with a twist, has arrived to reconnect us with our most authentic values.

4. Thinking Green

Industry insiders have seen a bid for flourishing green spaces and evocative pieces. In this trend that turns day-to-day life into anti-stress therapy, gardens are no longer relegated to the outdoors. Indoor plants create an oasis at home, bringing calm energy to any space. A prominent garden wall adds an accent so beautiful that remembering to water it is no chore.

5. Minimalist Décor

Find happiness through freedom from clutter. In line with this trend in interior design, we recommend creating a light atmosphere at home by integrating slim, light furnishings, glass objects, metallic laminates, and soft fabrics.

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