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Best-selling colors of the vintage series

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Silestone Vintage

The decoration of a vintage kitchen is characterized by the addition of furniture, utensils, and appliances that evoke thoughts of past times. Silestone has its own collection of countertop materials that meet the requirements of vintage style: Helix from the Nebula Code Series and Lagoon from the Nebula Series. Both are light shades, with a classic look, ideal for combining with antique furniture, glass display cabinets, and wicker accessories.

The Loft Collection also offers some very interesting materials for vintage decoration. Our choice is Nolita, a creamy white with variations in grey.

Vintage Gallery

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Materials with Dekton veining

If there is something trendy in interior design and decoration it is marble with veins. This material has taken over kitchen and bathroom countertops, tabletops, and sideboards. Following the vintage style and within the Natural Collection, we chose Dekton Aura15, inspired by the Calacatta and Carrara marbles and the simplicity and elegance of Dekton Rem.

Another very vintage trend is the use of old-looking materials that imitate rust. Our suggestion is Radium and Trilium in order to achieve that rusted effect. Within the same collection, but with a totally different finish, we have the silvery-white of Nilium.

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The brightness from the Natural X-Gloss Collection

Another collection by Dekton with a marked vintage style is the Natural X-Gloss Collection. Inspired by white and beige natural stone, with a very shiny finish, it is a perfect choice for the vintage décor of your home. Our selection is those pieces with veins such as Natural 18, which has a soft grey veining, or Fiord, a much bolder range with a creamy onyx veining.

Vintage style decorating tips

Cosentino offers you limitless options to achieve a vintage décor in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, from cladding to worktops, vanities to shower trays:

  1. Opt for white and cream materials in light shades, but with character. Choose the Silestone and Dekton options that include grey or creamy veins. You will get a beautiful white canvas for your vintage decoration.
  2. For furniture, use antique items with a certain history and combine them with other more modern ones. The success of the vintage style is to ‘know how to mix’ so that the result is not overpowering.
  3. As secondary tones, choose light blue, aquamarine, rose-pink, peach, or any pastel shade that brings elegance and classicism to your space. You can also use these colors for fabrics, paint, or wallpaper.
  4. Use stripped wood, wicker, glass lights, sofas, quilted armchairs, etc. Everything that reminds you of past times, but in small doses, without overdoing it.
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