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Green House by Dekton & Silestone

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Sustainability is the main feature of this house which was designed to combine an eco-friendly approach with a contemporary design.

Factors such as new construction technologies, population growth, climate change and globalisation, among others, are transforming urban landscape dramatically, and increasing the demand for new sustainable solutions for our day-to-day lives.

Green House is a unique and innovative project that combines ecological awareness with new sustainable solutions in the world of construction. This is proof that “green” environmentally friendly construction doesn’t have to mean a less attractive design. This is the first completely sustainable high-end designer house to be built in the North District of the province of Buenos Aires.

The project’s aim was to break down the preconceptions of consumers looking to explore new construction methods, and encourage them to seek new materials and different, sustainable techniques. This project also gave the brands involved a chance to display their products.

The house was built using a series of rotating rectangular spaces in order to take advantage of the natural light and airflow. In this way, the bioclimatic design of the house efficiently uses natural resources. The south and north-facing framework of the house is secured with large concrete foundations, which are blended into the surroundings allowing a greater and less-obstructed view from all the house’s main rooms. Its structure comprises of expanded polystyrene panels that reduce heat loss from the inside, offering a natural form of insulation. The house is equipped with modern systems to save on water and energy.

Cosentino materials are the perfect choice for this ambitious project, bringing together sustainability, quality, durability and design. Silestone is a surface that prides itself on innovation and constant improvements to lead the way towards a circular economy. During the manufacturing processes of Silestone, all water is reused, waste generated is reduced, and the life cycle of products is extended by encouraging repair, reuse and recycling. Dekton is an ultracompact surface that also prompts an active, sustainable approach. Thanks to the development of its manufacturing processes, it allows for the recovery of smoke released from ovens, the recovery of waste, and the reuse of water used for cleaning in areas throughout the factory.

The kitchen is the heart of every home: it is where we cook, eat and get together as a family. For this reason, the materials used for this space should guarantee hygiene, safety and durability. Thanks to its great resistance to stains, heat, aggressive chemical products, UV rays and scratches, Dekton is the perfect material for this dynamic space. The Dekton Zenith island in pure Nordic white is ideal for a natural space: it brings light into the kitchen and combines perfectly with the countertop and breakfast bar in Dekton Aura, an elegant colour that pays homage to Calacatta and Carrara marbles.

In the bathroom, Silestone Eternal Serena offers sophisticated beauty with its subtle shade of grey with added depth from the soft white veining.

Dekton Radium captures the essence of stainless steel with a corrosive-effect finish. Its aesthetics perfectly combine warm brown shades with crisp blue and green tones. Dekton Radium is manufactured following a sustainable production approach and is made from 80% recycled materials. For this reason, along with its resistance to UV rays, Dekton was chosen for the outdoor bar.

Sustainability is here to stay, and the Green House is proof of this.


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Project details:


Location: Santa Catalina 6231, Barrio Windbells, lote 25. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Total surface area of the project: The house is built on 930 metres of land (covered surface area of 292 metres and semi-covered area of 48 metres).

Date: 15 May 2019 (opening)


Architecture Studio

Architects: Estudio Te (together with the Green House project).



San Marco


Cosentino Materials

Application: Kitchen countertop and breakfast bar

Material: Dekton

Colour: Aura

Thickness: 1.2 cm

Quantity: 4.60 m2


Application: Island

Material: Dekton

Colour: Zenith

Thickness: 1.2 cm

Quantity: 4.7 m2


Application: Outdoor bar

Material: Dekton

Colour: Radium

Thickness: 1.2 cm

Quantity: 4.70 m2


Application: Bathroom worktop

Material: Silestone

Colour: Serena Suede

Thickness: 2 cm

Quantity: 2.60 m2

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