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The new Scalpers shop on Madrid’s Gran Vía brings fashion to the city and a touch of Dekton

Alfonso Gómez-Feria, Teresa Celaya and Fabio Franquelo + Pablo Baruc



Madrid (Spain)




Flooring, stairs


600 m2


Fernando Alda


Alfonso Gómez-Feria, Teresa Celaya and Fabio Franquelo + Pablo Baruc




8 mm



The new Scalpers shop on Madrid’s Gran Vía is spread over two floors and has a total surface area of approximately 775 square metres. The ground floor, which is very visible from Gran Vía, has large corner windows displaying the Woman collection, while the lower floor houses the Man and Invited Brands collections.

The interior design concept of Scalpers shops seeks simplicity, neutrality, elegance and innovation through the use of a few neutral materials, bringing a touch of distinction to the product and the brand.

Microcement texture

The openings in the façades overlooking the Gran Vía are used for products that must be used in combination with lightweight suspension systems, as well as translucent LED screens that make it possible to create dynamism and recreate different scenarios quickly and easily. The steel rods suspended from the ceiling allow the product to be displayed floating, without compromising the visibility of the shop from any angle. This simplicity is also reflected in the signs, which feature the well-known Scalpers logo, a skull without text.

The two floors are connected by a panoramic lift and a large staircase clad in Dekton Argentium, a surface with a microcement texture that envelops visitors. Argentium is a neutral grey shade, typical of lime plastering, with a visual texture that adds movement and depth to its delicate trowelled structure.

Dynamism and originality

The furniture combines hanging systems with recesses and shelves made of natural wood and steel, and is dominated by a very singular element located at the entrance. This element consists of horizontal pieces suspended from the ceiling, with a natural stone texture, on which the products are displayed and over which the mannequins ‘climb’, bringing dynamism and originality to the proposal. The Invited Brands corner features new materials, including polycarbonate and steel, aimed at creating an image that is distinctive but does not clash with the overall concept of the rest of the shop.

The materials used include, once again, large format Dekton Argentium slabs for the floor, textured lime paint for the walls and bespoke furniture in oak wood, stainless steel and Krion. In addition, the project is characterised by technical lighting on track combining directional spotlights, micro spotlights and linear spotlights, as well as lamps above very singular elements.

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