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The paradigm shift led by contemporary architecture has seen notable growth in the importance of the facade. Purely aesthetic values have given way to a recognition of its direct influence on structural stability, on the

energy efficiency of the building, and therefore on the well-being of those who live in it. A good design will develop all of these elements, and for that you need to choose a material that’s up to the job.

The Perfect Material

Choice of material is crucial, because it plays a key role in structural stability, and can directly affect the energy efficiency of the building.


Cosentino offers materials of indisputable beauty, with features that make them unique in the market: their thickness and large format, superior UV resistance, stain resistance, colour fastness, and ability to withstand both high and low temperatures. These are just some of the essential properties of the ultra-compact Dekton, the option chosen by thousands of professionals as the skin for their buildings.

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