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Bathroom remodelings

Your bathroom is so much more than just another room in your house. It’s a part of your home, and sometimes even part of your bedroom. Remodeling is the perfect opportunity to make sure your room is as functional and comfortable as possible for all your

family, and that it fits in flawlessly with your style and the feel of your home. It’s important to analyze the floor plan to make the most of the space available, and choose appropriate materials.

Maximize Space

Remodeling your bathroom calls for a balance between functionality and esthetics. To that end, Cosentino offers high-quality materials with a collection of unique features: resilient materials, in large-format pieces with the minimum number of joins, to facilitate a hygienic and low-maintenance environment.

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Silestone is made of more than 90% of natural quartz. With more than 80 diffferent colours and textures, it is the perfect option for indoor surfaces.

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Dekton is the new ultracompact surface of Cosentino. A material made of porcelain, glass and quartz. Given the zero-porosity, its become a versatile and high resistant option.

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Sensa is a first quality natural granite highly resistant to stains thanks to an groundbreaking protective treatment that gives you the opportunity to enjoy your kitchen without a special maintenance.

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Cosentino has chosen a wide range of natural stones around the world , Slates, Basalts, Brazilian granites, Travertines… access to our section and discover a world of colours and finishes.

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Discover our Bath Collection

Add a touch of class to your bathroom by opting for the characteristic elegance of the Silestone or Dekton ranges for your basin and worktop. Silestone shower trays not only offer a safety guarantee thanks to their anti-slip sandblasted strips, but they also fit perfectly into your design, and the space available, thanks to the flexibility of customization.

Why Cosentino is your perfect choice to remodel your bathroom

The price of renovating my bathroom

The remodeling of your bathroom comes from a basic reason: The necessity of your home and your family of having a better space, more prapired, more adapted to your daily life and demands of your routine. The price of your remodeling meet the essential criterias

that you have marked in this project: the quality of the materials, its durability, its facility of maintenance and cleanliness, the chosen of furnitures, the lighting… two basic concepts coexist during the remodeling: functionality and esthetics.

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