Safety at Cosentino

At Cosentino Group, we put in the maximum effort to carry out our activity within comprehensive occupational health and safety standards. At the same time, we continuously promote these same well-being and healthy environment criteria among our clients, suppliers and partners. We want to set an example in terms of risk prevention and occupational health.

Cosentino Safety Space

Cosentino created an Occupation Safety and Health Space (“OSH Space”) to serve as a communication tool for OSH matters between those individuals which handle, fabricate or install Cosentino® products. This OSH Space shall also serve as a source for occupational safety tools in all languages, and may be used as a centralized consultation for the most updated information regarding the occupational risks related to Cosentino® products.

The information you will find in this OSH Space concerns the occupational hazards that may arise during the handling and processing of Cosentino® products, and the measures to take in order to avoid such hazards. This site also includes Safety Data Sheets, Safety Slab Labels, Good Practice Guides, health and safety information about crystalline silica, and other information of interest in the OSH area.

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We work in two directions to reach this objective:

  1. Continuous, high quality training regarding all occupational risks and the corresponding preventive measures, along the entire value chain: stonemasons, architects, designers, institutions, suppliers and workers.
  2. Promotion of a preventative culture which should be spread with a transversal, integrational spirit

Work safety

We reduce the total number of accidents by one point under our objective.

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1.200 hours

Suppliers Training.

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4.000.000 €

Total Investment

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505.135 hours

Employee Training

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200 Companies

Trained Clients and distributors

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Health and safety policies

The Purchasing Department is in charge of promoting our values and corporate policies among our partners and collaborators.

It is also responsible for the equally important role of promoting a preventative, safety-first culture, and for ensuring that our suppliers adhere scrupulously to all legal precepts regarding health and safety.

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We carried out the following initiatives in the past fiscal year:

  • Storing and updating documentation allowing suppliers and subcontracted workers access to Cosentino Group facilities.
  • Audits of Cosentino Group’s industrial plants by suppliers from the chemicals industry
  • Training for new employees in the handling of chemical raw materials, given by suppliers from the chemicals industry
  • 1,200 hours of health and safety training for suppliers.
  • Visits to supplier facilities with the aim of picking up better practices and implementing them in our own industrial processes.
  • Contracting an external company to launder work uniforms. This is a vitally important process to prevent potentially toxic particles from escaping from the working environment, where we provide the necessary means of personal protection.

The Cardinal Rules

This is the key tool that Cosentino has implemented to avoid accidents in the workplace. This tool is based on the analysis of incidents in recent years and focuses its efforts on developing a number of key behaviours that Cosentino employees must strictly comply with, specifically:

  • Interventions on work teams.
  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).
  • Handling and storage of slabs.
  • Driving forklifts and interaction with workers on foot.
  • Reporting and investigation of all injuries and incidents.

These rules are communicated to al lthe Cosentino employees and are subject to internal audits by the permanent prevention Service.