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New Dekton Stonika

Dekton® Stonika blends with nature to create 6 classic colours of a hyper-realistic beauty. Vibrant veined patterns and textures with the highest technological performance of a revolutionary surface. Dekton® becomes Nature and makes it last forever.

Hyperrealist Design

Unlike other surfaces, Dekton Stonika technology does not require the use of a thick glassy layer. In this way, the image is not distorted and there is a greater realism and sharpness in the designs.

Resistant to Themal Shock

Dekton Stonika is a single complete piece of material. In the absence of two types of layers, the dilatations of two materials of different composition are avoided. The result is a high surface resistance to thermal shock and common cracking on surfaces with differentiated layers.

Sublime Edge

Thanks to the total integration of the design in the sintering process, the appearance of irregularities or breaks in the cutting process is avoided. In this way a straight bevel without imperfections is achieved.

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Inspired in the Carrara marble of highest value, Olimpo is the Stonika version for the most demanding customer. This color shows the elegance of a vein in grayish tones, featured over a white background, boosting all its details with a dazzling shine.


Inspired in Taj Mahal quartzite, Taga is an interpretation adapted to current trends, maintaining natural stone character. Its grayish tones with crystalline and marble veins highlight its natural structure. Its splendid shine and aesthetic quality turn this model into a premium product.


Inspired by the famous Gris Pulpis, Sogne is a colour with touches of natural stone and cement. Its veined structure and cement background make the Sogne a fusion between the natural and the industrial, showcasing the most elegant part of both.

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Inspired by natural stone, Korso is a colour which resembles the delicateness and versatility of Gris Pulpis marble. A colour palette based on earthy tones contrasts with random grey veins of different intensity. Timelessness, visual impact and big personality.


Inspired in Taj Mahal quartzite, Arga creates the luxury of natural stone with the properties of Stonika. Its soft white cream background, with sublteveins in brown and gold clear colors which intensify its dramatic structure. A hyperrealist graphic, with dazzling shine add depth and enrich this material.


Inspired by Portobello natural stone, Bergen search the perfection in tone, structure and background. The beauty of its grayish veins with sculptural pattern over a whitish base with caring watermarks, is strengthened by Xgloss finishes. A trendy design full of character and elegance.