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Grey Kitchen Worktops

When designing a kitchen, we must remember how unique it is, with large areas of worktops on units, islands or peninsulas, which introduce character to the room. What colour should we choose? Grey worktops are a great choice because they are elegant. Their neutral tone also combines well with other colours if you do not want the kitchen to be monochrome.


Furthermore, if you do not wish to use grey worktops because it may be described as a cold colour, they are frequently combined with wooden units, giving the kitchen a warmer touch. Or if you prefer, you could choose warmer tones, such as beige or sandy grey.

Encimera de cocina gris

Ideas for kitchens with a grey worktop

Esquina con encimera de cocina gris


Not only does grey combine well with other colours and any type of surrounding, it also looks perfect if you have chosen appliances in stainless steel or have a polished concrete floor.


If what you are looking for is a serene atmosphere, a monochromatic space, combining different shades of grey, is a great option. Another elegant option and wise choice would be to combine grey with other neutral colours like white or beige.


Would you prefer a more energetic atmosphere? One of the advantages of having grey kitchen worktops is that if you add a more striking colour, it will really catch your eye. If you add a few bright tones, you will make the overall look brighter.

Encimera de cocina gris Silestone


If the kitchen is not very big and you want to create a greater sense of space, you should opt for pale grey kitchen worktops. However, you can use dark tones for large features like units, thus visually reducing their actual size. A mix of light and dark colours gives a greater sense of depth.


An alternative way of separating the different areas in large kitchens is to use two different kitchen worktops. For example, you can use a striking anthracite grey on the island and another shade from the same range or even a chromatic one in the rest of the space.

Grey is used so much for kitchen worktops that we have around 20 options between Cosentino and Dekton. If you are looking for a modern kitchen style, we recommend that you choose kitchen worktops in a solid grey, to get a simple and pure finish. A good example of this is Dekton’s Korus in an attractive grey-green shade.

4 examples of grey kitchen worktops

Encimera de cocina gris Dekton Ventus

Grey worktop with Dekton Ventus

The Nordic kitchen style includes light, so in these areas the brightest shades should be used, reflecting rather than trapping the sun’s rays. So, here are some of the kitchen worktop models you should consider: Ventus with a beige tint, and Niebla in Silestone.

Grey worktop with Dekton Orix

If you want to add an industrial touch to your kitchen, the worktop must be in grey, as well as other features like the beams or floor. The work surface can imitate the cement aesthetic, as is the case with Silestone’s Cemento Spa, which is a dark grey model that copies the finish, tone and impurities of this material, or Dekton Orix, which looks like used cement.

Encimera de cocina gris Dekton Orix
Encimera de cocina gris Silestone Cygnus

Grey worktop with Silestone Cygnus

The classic or vintage designs that remind us of the past, feature stylish units and, naturally, the worktops must match. A very attractive proposal is the worktop with a textured look that reminds us of natural stone, Silestone’s Cygnus. We also recommend Et Serena – a soft grey surface with beautiful white veining.

Grey worktop with Silestone Desert Silver

Kitchen furniture in light tones will make an appearance in classic style kitchens, combining the colour Desert Silver by Silestone. A "greige" shade (between grey and beige) that is extremely attractive. Also spectacular is Dekton's Splendor, a subtle, crystalline grey in a polished finish that offers a shine that will attract all eyes.


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