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The Dune Series, the most sophisticated armchair and side table on the market made entirely in Silestone

Spacemen Studio, Edward Tan



Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


JJ Stones, Elwin Chew


Victorian Silver, Versailles Ivory, Cinder Craze


3 slabs


Spacemen Studio, Edward Tan




Armchair and side table

End date


In a very challenging project for Cosentino, designer Edward Tan of Spacemen Studio chose the company’s products for the Dune Series, an armchair and side table designed to break the mould. Original and groundbreaking, Dune is an ode to movement and sinuous curves and, at the same time, an almost sculptural work of art that does not detract from the comfort of this type of furniture.

“Our curvilinear design language posed some technical challenges for the manufacturer to cut each slab with precision,” says Tan. “The other tricky problem was the way the armchair slabs are stacked to resemble the slabs that are displayed horizontally stacked in the showroom, so joining them together using a spacer to create that elegant jigsaw-like silhouette was quite complex.”

Both indoors and out

“I designed the pieces with the aim of displaying them both indoors and outdoors. Thus, the sturdiness of Silestone surfaces allows the pieces to shine even in hostile outdoor environments, which means they will be just as comfortable in an outdoor garden as on a lush patio with a balcony,” says the designer.

The slabs used in the design of the Dune series really “shone with their own light”, as they enhanced the sensual lines of the design very well. The golden veining and veined shades of the two collections worked beautifully to add a level of depth to the series.

Colour combination

The designer was very clear about the colours he wanted to use and why. “For the Dune armchair I combined Versailles Ivory and Victorian Silver, two soft colours from the Le Chic collection. They went perfectly with soft and evocative veined patterns. Meanwhile, for the side table, I chose Urban Crush for a robust, industrial finish and designed the piece so that it could be turned around and used as a stool.”

Versailles Ivory is the warmest shade in the collection, a subtle two-tone marbled and gradient background able to mesmerise thanks to its striking glints of gold inlays. This exquisite shade brings a touch of sophistication to any space, making a bold statement of refined taste. Meanwhile, Victorian Silver is the most neutral and versatile shade in the Le Chic Collection. A two-tone marbled background with gradients that add great depth and silver and dark grey veins that intersect to create a surface with character and personality.

As for Cinder Craze, from the Urban Crush collection, it is a modern reinterpretation of black sandstone that combines the nuances of a dark grained background with the luminosity of its white seashell veins.

“It was great fun working with the brand. I particularly enjoyed working with Le Chic, which embodies chic Parisian sophistication while bringing a sense of timelessness to the collection. In addition, Urban Crush, which was used for the side table, provided the perfect balance and contrast to the Dune armchair.”

Cosentino's materials used in this project

Silestone victorian silver

Victorian Silver

Silestone versailles ivory

Versailles Ivory


Cinder Craze


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