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Dekton® by Cosentino Unveils DeKauri

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A Bespoke Bath Credenza Designed in Collaboration

with Daniel Germani and Riva 1920



The global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, the Cosentino Group and Italian furniture manufacturer Riva 1920 are delighted to introduce DeKauri, the latest piece designed in collaboration with renowned architect and designer Daniel Germani. The unique piece was debuted at KBIS 2018, the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show attended by thousands in Florida, Orlando, where it was awarded Silver in the ‘Best of Bath’ category of the ‘Best of KBIS 2018’ awards.

DeKauri, a freestanding enclosed bathroom vanity crafted from 50,000-year-old Kauri wood exclusive to Riva 1920, takes inspiration from the traditional Italian credenza and brings beauty and functionality into the bathing space. Daniel Germani was inspired to conceive the concept for a freestanding piece of furniture to house and conceal both the sink and storage after realising there was a lack of stylish solutions for the bathroom.


When it comes to the kitchen there are ingenious, innovative design solutions to hide and store everything,” Germani says, “But that’s not always the case in the bathroom. I realised bathroom storage has at its core remained the same. DeKauri transforms incredibly utilitarian parts of the bath into something incredibly beautiful. It helps take away the feeling of being in a bathroom. I could very easily see this in a master suite, a powder room, or even in an open-concept bedroom where the sleeping space and bath flow into one another.”

With a washbasin crafted from Dekton® by Cosentino and Kauri wood used for the credenza, Germani’s use of materials pays homage to the resilience of Mother Nature: the technology behind Dekton® captures the beauty of natural stone with unparalleled durability, and the Kauri wood – excavated from New Zealand where it has been buried under mud and water for thousands of years—adds a truly exotic feel to the piece. “DeKauri is a modern day heirloom,” Germani says, “Its timeless appeal and impeccable construction will last generations.” A tap from Fantani Rubinetti and lighting from Juniper Design complete the look. As an alternative, DeKauri can also be constructed from inlays of Walnut, Wenge and Cedar.

DeKauri marks the fifth piece that Germani has designed in collaboration with Dekton® by Cosentino, and the second with both Dekton® and Riva 1920. Following its debut at KBIS, DeKauri will exhibit at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy.


Cosentino is thrilled to continue its collaboration with Daniel Germani alongside Riva 1920, a brand admired across the globe for its artisanship of classically styled wood furniture,” says Massimo Ballucchi, Marketing Director of Cosentino North America, “We continue to be inspired by Daniel’s innovative approach to furniture design and the unlimited applications he envisions for Dekton®, and we hope it inspires the industry, as well. He’s truly a visionary, and it’s an honour to work with him.”

Since its launch in 2013, Dekton® has transformed the world of surfacing by offering superior design and performance and low maintenance.  Due to its technical properties, the material offers exceptional strength; high resistance to impact, scratches and stains; very low water absorption; UV resistance; and resistance to thermal shock against extremely high temperatures.  These unique characteristics permit Dekton® to be used in multiple interior and exterior applications.  Similarly to Cosentino, Riva 1920 is rooted in a family heritage, committed to producing pieces that last generations by combining cutting-edge technology with attention to detail to create something unique and timeless.

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