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Join us to boost your career, network, gain visibility and get personalised assistance for your projects.

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What does Cosentino offer to designers and interior designers through the C·Top Design programme?

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Increase your visibility

As a collaborator of Cosentino, you will be able to enhance your brand and be part of a community of professionals at networking events and meetings.

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Rate for professionals

We offer you a special rate with full price transparency, incentive campaigns, discounts and project bonuses.

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Exclusive services

You will have at your disposal tools and digital resources for your projects, as well as access to events at your Cosentino City.

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Personalised assistance

Get direct advice from Cosentino specialists and count on their support in developing your designs.

Cosentino City: Design Hubs all over the world at your disposal

The Cosentino Cities are spaces of inspiration, interaction and creation for professionals. Spaces where you can get to know our materials in their different applications such as worktops, floors, façades and claddings, and enjoy meetings with professionals, exhibitions, round tables, live cooking…

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Personalised assistance

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Display material

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Networking spaces

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Atelier Lab

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Digital and physical tools

Platform services

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Visualisers, 3D tools and digital resources

Availability of BIM files and HD textures and images for your renderings.
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E-commerce of standard and customised Cosentino products

Find materials and products for your projects in our online shop.
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Receive samples within 48 hours or send them to your customer

Request different sizes and formats of the colours of the brands you are interested in to unleash your creativity.
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See the exclusive rates for professionals

Check our products and prices in the fastest possible way.
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Showcase your projects on Cosentino’s website and platforms

Post your projects on our network and gain visibility to increase your reach.
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Receive bonuses for prescribing Cosentino products

Your commitment to our brands will give you access to incentive campaigns.
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Book a VIP appointment with your customer in one of our Cosentino Cities

Make an appointment through our digital platform to attend events or visit us.
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Order display material for your studio

Give character to your space to create a unique place that will attract and delight your customers.

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