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2019 Kitchen Surfacing Trends from Cosentino

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With kitchen design evolving at a rapid pace, there’s more inspiration out there than ever before for homeowners considering a refresh in 2019.  The global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, Cosentino is looking ahead to next year with its roundup of the standout surfacing trends to watch out for.

‘Waterfall’ Worktops

Already a coveted worktop design, Cosentino predicts that ‘waterfall’ worktops, or drop edges as they are often called, will continue to grow in popularity.  An easy to achieve trend, it gives an elegant and seamless finish, ideal for an island or peninsular.

Dekton Bergen from the Stonika collection of surfacesDekton Bergen, from the new Stonika Collection

A waterfall edge refers to a surface that appears to flow over the edge of a worktop, covering the side and reaching the floor.  Perfect for showcasing a statement surface, an island can be fully covered for a wow-factor look, or alternatively a single drop edge can be used to great effect on the exposed end of a breakfast bar or peninsular.

Dekton Arga Dekton Arga, from the new Stonika Collection

From a practical perspective, waterfall worktops help to protect cabinetry and hide appliances.  The worktop can also be extended to create a breakfast bar, leaving a recess where seating can be hidden.  Cosentino’s revolutionary ultra-compact surface Dekton is the ideal material of choice for projects such as these, due to its high flexural strength.  With over five times the flexural strength of granite, Dekton can be installed in thinner thicknesses over greater spans, allowing for up to a 12-inch unsupported overhang on worktops, islands and bar tops – ideal for the creation of an informal dining area in a large kitchen.


Concrete inspired surfaces is another trend which has gathered pace in 2018, and certainly shows no signs of slowing down.  At a recent Cosentino trend briefing, a panel of architects and kitchen designers discussed the industrial trend and its timeless appeal, hailing a softer side that will continue to develop in 2019.  The new urban surfaces from Cosentino have a delicate, almost playful nature, celebrating the beauty in imperfections and the unique ageing of materials, with calming hues that would not look out of place in a range of kitchens.

Dekton Kreta and Dekton Laos SurfacesDekton Kreta and Dekton Laos, new additions to the Industrial Collection

Merging aesthetics and practicality, surfacing that offers an ultra-realistic look with hardwearing benefits such as a high resistance to scratches and staining will continue to appeal to consumers looking for longevity.  Ideal for those who love the industrial look of concrete but dislike its cold, coarse nature, the Silestone Loft Series from Cosentino’s market leading quartz range of surfaces boasts a new ‘Raw’ texture which provides a sublime, soft matte finish.

Silestone Brooklyn and Silver Lake SurfacesSilestone Brooklyn and Silestone Silver Lake, from the new Loft Series

Single-Slab Splashbacks

Splashbacks are no longer resigned to just being practical elements, with designers using them to create real focal points in the kitchen.  As ever, it comes down to personal choice as to whether a splashback is matched to the worktop or contrasted, however in 2019 Cosentino anticipates a growing demand for single slab splashbacks as opposed to opting for standard tiling.

Dekton Vera from the Industrial Collection of surfaces

Dekton Vera, a new addition to the Natural Collection

Elegant and simple, it offers practical cleaning benefits as grouting between tiles can be difficult to keep clean.  What’s more, using a whole slab can show off a stunning design, especially with designs that feature natural-look veining, such as new Dekton Vera and Kira from the Natural Collection.  As Dekton offers a high resistance to heat, scratches and stains, it’s suitable for use even next to gas hobs, making it easy to clean and maintain.

The Anti-Kitchen

For urban dwellers, space often remains at a premium, with open plan living still the norm in many new-build apartments.  In 2019, surfacing will play a role in the trend for ‘anti-kitchens’ – spaces that can be easily hidden away or transformed when not in use through the use of clever design so as not to impose on a luxurious living area.  High-shine worktops inspired by the most premium of natural marbles, such as the new Dekton Stonika collection, offer both high-end aesthetics and practical benefits.  These include a high resistance to scratches, stains and heat, meaning that hot pans can be placed straight onto the surface from the hob or oven, removing the need for worktop clutter such as trivets.  When paired with handless cupboards or pocket door systems and appliances such as hidden extractors and frameless induction hobs, these elegant surfaces create sleek spaces that easily blend with their environments.

Surfacing trends - Dekton Taga from the Dekton Stonika collection

Dekton Taga from the new Stonika Collection

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