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Cosentino at CASACOR Miami 2018


Cosentino at CASACOR Miami 2018: In Review

Cosentino is proud to sponsor CASACOR Miami 2018. It is the most prestigious international architecture, interior and landscape exhibition in North America, bringing inspirational design and innovation to the home.

When & Where

The 25,000 square-foot exhibition located at Brickell City Centre’s 700 Brickell Avenue building will run from November 30 to December 16. It will draw thousands to tour the more than 20 urban oasis-themed spaces, which have been created by leading architects, designers and artists from across the globe.

The Urban Gourmet space at CASACOR Miami 2018 featuring Dekton by Cosentino

Urban Gourmet Oasis space with Dekton. All photos.

Innovation on Display

As the headline sponsor of CASACOR, Cosentino is showcasing both its ultra-compact Dekton® and Silestone®quartz surfaces. Its displays reflect this year’s theme of bringing energy to the natural environment from wild roots to technology, modernism and naturalism.

The Man Cave space at CASACOR Miami 2018 featuring Dekton by Cosentino

Man Cave space with Dekton. All photos.

The Harmony Living Space at CASACOR Miami featuring Dekton and Silestone by Cosentino

Harmony Living space with Dekton. All photos.

Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America and EVP Global Sales, Cosentino Group says. “Cosentino has had a long-standing partnership with CASACOR and we are thrilled to sponsor the second annual stateside exhibition in Miami, home of our new Americas headquarters. We look forward to seeing how this year’s group of international architects and designers showcase our materials in their distinct styles.”

The Bar Lounge Experience Concept featuring Dekton by Cosentino at CASACOR Miami 2018

Bar Lounge Experience Concept with Dekton and Silestone. All photos.

The Senseful Experience featuring Dekton by Cosentino

The Senseful Space with Dekton. All photos.


Speedforms in the Garden

Cosentino will also debut an experiential outdoor installation titled Speedforms in the Garden designed by Paolo Pininfarina. It has been crafted from Cosentino’s ultra-compact surface, Dekton® and Cosentino’s natural stone product Marble Blanco Macael.

The unique installation invites guests to flow between three different spaces to admire sculptural forms, benches and an aerodynamic bar.

Speedofrms in the Garden at CASACOR Miami 2018 featuring Dekton by Cosentino

Speedform in the Garden with Dekton and Marble White Macael. All photos.




Urban Gourmet Oasis

Designer: Stylehaus Design

Materials: Kitchen: Dekton Kelia

Table Top: Dekton Korso

Bench, Planter and window details: Dekton Taga

Entrance detail: Dekton Sogne

Entrance trim: Dekton Domoos


Man Cave

Designer: Jesus Pacheco Studio

Materials:Flooring and Wall Cladding: Dekton Kairos and Sirius

Table Top: Dekton Kairos

Harmony Living

Designer: IM Design

Materials: Flooring and Wall Cladding: Dekton Kelia


Bar Lounge Experience Concept

Designer: By Lemme

Materials: Flooring: Dekton Nillium + Makai

Bar and Backing: Dekton Kira

Bar Countertop: Dekton Galema

Table Tops: Silestone


The Senseful Space

Designer: Eolo Design

Materials: Flooring: Dekton Spectra


Speedforms in the Garden

Architect: Pininfarina

Materials: Bar: Dekton Halo 3cm + Dekton Domoos 2cm

Platform: Dekton Kelia 2cm

Benches: Dekton Halo 3cm

Sculptures: Marble White Macael – Colaboration with Cuellar Stone

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