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Cosentino We: The New Global Community for Professionals


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Cosentino We represents a new step forward for Cosentino’s existing loyalty programme, offering new opportunities for stonemasons, kitchen retailers, architects and designers to grow their businesses.

Cosentino recognises teamwork as a key factor in the milestones it has achieved.  As a result, it is a company oriented towards its customers and partners. In line with this philosophy, and as part of the digital transformation the company is spearheading, is the launch of Cosentino We. Launching today, it is a new international digital community that connects professionals who choose and endorse the Dekton, Silestone and Sensa by Cosentino surfaces.

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This project is based on a new digital hub that takes the company’s existing loyalty programme one step further. It aims to transform the means of collaborating and communicating, opening the door to new audiences and customers.

Cosentino We offers a range of opportunities for stonemasons, kitchen retailers, architects and designers to grow their businesses. Benefits include better access to information plus an enhanced ways of experiencing the brands and products thanks to new, interactive digital tools. In addition, it promotes a closer relationship with the end client, greater visibility and awareness for their projects and the creation of a dialogue among professionals from different nationalities, and even different languages.

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Cosentino We offers four profile levels: Pro, Elite, Premium and Platinum. It comprises of tools that motivate and respond to the needs of each of the levels, with the speed and agility that the digital world is able to provide.

The result of two years’ hard work, the new programme is part of the digital transformation process that the company is currently undergoing. Cosentino aims to lead the digitalisation of the sector and its own internal processes in order to inspire and promote loyalty among clients and partners. Initially launched in Dubai, Brazil, Sweden and Singapore, it will be implemented in a total of 20 countries in 2019 and extended to further markets in 2020.

The Cosentino We online hub can be found here.

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