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Industrial Style in Interior Design

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Industrial Style in Interior Design

Industrial style was born in 1950s America, when a large collective of creative artists moved from the centre of major cities to the outskirts. Seeking light and space, these photographers, painters and sculptors converted old factories into homes, creating inspirational open-plan designs where creativity could flow.

These open yet connected environments were the ideal setting to both live and work in. Later, the trend spread to London and across other European cities such as Paris and Prague, eventually becoming popular all around the world. Are you looking to embrace this urban and vintage style where functionality reigns supreme?

Open Plan Layout

Industrial Style Today

Over the years, industrial design has been reinvented to adapt to modern living, all while remaining true to its origins. Industrial style loft living is still going strong, almost 70 years after the trend first appeared. Key elements such as large windows, pillars, exposed beams, ducts and brickwork are incorporated within generous open-plan areas to create impact.

These unadorned rooms embrace industrial materials with a rugged feel, while also utilising modern materials to cater to the needs and technological advances of today. The result is a comfortable, warm and well-equipped environment, that also retains its vintage essence.

Industrial Pipes

Simple and Authentic

Keep spaces unpretentious, with beauty and simplicity in equal measure. By using the original materials and fittings of the building, you can emphasise the aesthetic and decorative presence of brick and cement. Revealing the ironwork and even the pipes gives an authentic feel.

When choosing floor and wall coverings, go for something that looks the part, but is also easy to maintain, such as Orix by Dekton by Cosentino. The aged grey cement look surface lends spaces a decadent and bohemian feel that is typical of the industrial aesthetic. Pick unadorned materials, as these are making a comeback in the home.

Upcycled Table

Decorating a Characterful Space

Thanks to the vast architectural materials and interior design tips and tricks available, there’s no need to live in a huge loft to achieve an authentic industrial style. Instead, it’s possible to create an industrial feel in any home by choosing pieces with a substantial and striking appearance. Think untreated wood, metal and leather. For shelving, metal is a great choice as it is reminiscent of old offices and warehouses.

Upcycling is a creative way to recycle and create new uses for old materials and furniture, while also giving you complete control over style. The result is unique pieces that emit personality. Wood can be reworked to create beautiful tables or benches, while reclaimed bobbins can be used as a table base.

Dekton Lunar in KitchenIndustrial Style Kitchen with Dekton Lunar

Selecting Materials

Walls are a room’s canvas, and by experimenting with colour and texture, they can become a stand-out feature in the home. Exposed brick, cement and concrete walls are iconic features of industrial style. Walls can be left unplastered, or covered with an industrial aged-effect paint to achieve the desired look. Wallpaper and vinyl might also be considered. Innovative cladding products, such as the Industrial Series collection by Dekton by Cosentino, can give surfaces a polished yet rugged look. Neutral tones dominate this decorative style, such as the colour Soke, ideal for those seeking to recreate the classic cement floor, or Trilium with a texture imitating rusted materials.

The industrial look is here to stay.

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