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Silestone Trendspotter Theresa Casey’s Organic Loft Kitchen

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Theresa Casey is one of Canada’s most distinguished and celebrated interior designers. Her award-winning work for an international clientele has been described as “the work of a designer who is not interested in spaces that are ‘done’; rather, she works the shapes, proportions, textures, and light into a harmonious and emotionally satisfying balance.”

As part of the Silestone Trendsetter series, Theresa Casey designed her Organic Loft kitchen with a vision to create an urban sanctuary. The kitchen design, which incorporates Silestone, Kohler and Benjamin Moore products, infuses traditional and modern influences to create a beautiful space that connects with nature. Theresa utilised colours from the Silestone Eternal Series, Calacatta Gold and Marquina, as well as Silestone Iconic White.

Accessability was a key element to the kitchen design; Theresa integrated an ADA-accessible roll-up counter and incorporated wider hallways to easily accommodate wheelchairs.

     /></p><p><strong>Outdoor space and organic materials seem to play a significant role in your kitchen design. Why is marrying indoor and outdoor spaces important to you as a designer?</strong></p><p>I think it is and always will be important to connect people to the earth, especially in urban environments. I think it inspires us.</p><p><img class=

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