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White shower trays, a colour that never lets you down

There is no doubt about it: white is the most popular colour in home design. No matter the room, it is always a safe bet. The bathroom is no exception, white is the favourite colour.

White has many advantages, because it brings brightness, serenity and harmony to any room. Bathrooms with white walls and floors are brighter and appear more spacious. If you also choose a white shower, the sense of space and tranquillity will be enhanced.

Are you wondering how to combine a white shower tray with the rest of your bathroom? Below you will find some simple tips to give your shower tray the touch of distinction you are looking for in your bathroom.

White shower tray ideas

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White over white

Silestone brings you a new customised format in which walls and floor become one, making white the key shade. Choose the size, colour and material that best suits your style and<b>have your bathroom cladded in a fully integrated way.

What about a continuous design without joints, cuts or gaps? It is now possible, even with a shower tray. Thanks to Silestone, the difference between the shower tray and the white flooring will not be noticeable, as this creates a continuous design flow.

Enjoy one continuous piece that offers a greater sense of calm and comfort. Furthermore, thanks to the Silestone ‘jumbo’ format, integrating the shower tray into the floor will provide a feeling of more space

And if you want to break up the white, you can include warm elements such as wood. This way, both the coldness and the purity of the white will be less intense. Objects in pastel and light shades, which maintain the balance and serenity of white, are an excellent choice.

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Timeless and elegant design

There is no doubt that a white shower tray is a timeless piece that will always match the most sober and elegant style. Choose a customised white shower tray and see how it fits in perfectly with the elegance of your bathroom. For example, we suggest the Exelis design, with soft sandblasted strips on the surface that provide the highest anti-slip quality.

Combine it with neutral colours (such as beige or grey) for the floor and walls. Materials imitating slate, marble or granite will provide an additional touch of elegance and sophistication. And last but not least, choose a worktop in natural stone or in a light Silestone or Dekton colour for a successful and elegant combination.

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White is always ready

A shower tray should have some essential features to ensure safety. Its surface must have the anti-slip warranty and quality necessary to withstand daily wear and tear.

Silestone offers a wide range of textures, shapes and finishes so that your white shower tray fits in perfectly with your bathroom. In addition, Silestone offers design, as well as safety and strength.

Its high impact resistance ensures maintenance over time without compromising on beauty or quality. Thanks to the low porosity and hardness of Silestone, its white colour won’t fade.

White does not have to be synonymous with fragility or poor durability. Thanks to the unique design features of Silestone, the colour of your shower tray won’t fade.

And now that you know all the advantages of choosing a white shower tray, would you like to have one?

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