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Le Cabrera: Restaurant and Bar

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Prexury: Le Cabrera, Cocktails & Gastrobar, Madrid

Le Cabrera, a restaurant and cocktail bar that opened in January 2010, is located in the heart of Madrid and is owned by the famous Catalan chef Sergi Arola and the young Argentine barman Diego Cabrera. The former is known for his professional career and his two Michelin stars. The latter has revolutionised Madrid’s cocktail scene.

On the first floor of this new bar and eatery, tapas, dishes to share, and haute cuisine appetisers are on offer. Downstairs, the larger space is devoted to the creation of cocktails.

The person responsible for the harmony that exists between these two spaces is the architect and interior designer Luis Galliussi. He has managed to imbue the place with an original, modern style by using retro and contemporary décor.


PROYECTO:Revestimiento de las barras de Le Cabrera, Cocktails & Gastrobar
LOCAL:Bábara de Braganza 2, Madrid
AUTORES:Luis Galliussi (arquitecto e interiorista) Mármoles y granitos Luismar S.A. (empresa encargada del montaje)
COLOR:Wild Agate

1ª barra (en forma de L): dos niveles de 25 y 30 cm. de anchura y faldones ingletados de 15 y 18 cm respectivamente, en dos tramos de 5,84 y 2,29 de longitud.2ª barra (rectangular): 4,34 x 60 cm, con faldón ingletado de 20 cm.

Le Cabrera: Restaurant and Bar

That was how Luis Galliussi came up with the idea of the Prexury-clad bars as the focal point of Le Cabrera that would also coexist in perfect harmony with the rest of the décor.


Le Cabrera: A harmonious mix

In Madrid there is now a MIX, a place where you can have tapas at a bar that seats 14 people while sampling the best cocktails in Madrid.
For this gastrobar, whose focus had been on lighting and furniture, Luis Galliussi had the brilliant idea of putting the bars of the place in the limelight.

His great friend, Sergi Arola, gave him free rein to change the premises that had previously served Mexican food. It presented design challenges as it was quite small and was divided into two spaces.

Initial concept

The initial idea was to create a comfortable place where you would feel ‘at home’ with touches of contemporary art and a nod to things that would make customers recall pleasant memories and give them a feel-good sensation.

Looking like real agate, the 14 m2 of Wild Agate by Prexury catches the eye of everyone who enters the premises. Its main features are its size, the lighting, its hardness, strength and beauty, elements that make this product suitable for any type of space and cladding.


The two bars that grace Le Cabrera measure twelve and a half metres. They are located on the upper and lower floors and are backlit with LEDs, thus enhancing the intensity of their colours.


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