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Sensa Kitchen Benchtops

Stain-proof natural beauty

Enjoy the design, durability and resistance of natural stone without the worry of staining. Sensa by Cosentino quartzites and granites are treated with a new anti-stain treatment that will protect your benchtop and keep it looking as good as new.
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Sensa benchtops benefits

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Highly stain-resistant

Sensa´s anti-stain treatment prevents liquids and stains from being absorbed.
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NSF certification

Sensa´s NSF certification ensures safe contact with food.
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Low maintenance

Thanks to its exclusive treatment, Sensa benchtops require minimum maintenance.
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Unique designs

Every Sensa slab is different: each one has a unique and exclusive design.
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Surface Simulator

Visualise and combine Sensa by Cosentino colours in one click.

Check out Cosentino’s colours and surfaces catalogue and design the kitchen that suits you best.
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Sensa colours suit all kitchen styles

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High-Impact Black Colours

Natural stone offers different dark tonalities for intimate spaces of any style: modern, classic or minimalist. The choices can align with the on-trend ‘total black’ style or create contrasting accents, with uninterrupted, polished, or veined results. Black is faultless at creating timeless designs.
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White Colours to Give Light

Natural stone offers a variety of white tones, each of them unique and capable of creating spaces that are lively, minimalistic, timeless, or classic. White can compliment all styles and spaces, bringing light and space to achieve excellent results.
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For every taste

Natural stone is famous for its unique colours full of personality and originality, capable of meeting the demands of any style and trend. Cream, grey and orange tones, classic textures or stark contrasts...Cosentino offers infinite natural stone options for all tastes.
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A matter of touch

Sensa Premium Collection is available in three finishes:
  • Polished: For a bright surface with reflected light.
  • Caresse: For a sophisticated matt texture.
  • Leather: For an original effect.

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