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International Supermodel Coco Rocha Selects Dekton for New York Farmhouse Project

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Coco Rocha Dekton Kitchen

International supermodel, Coco Rocha has once again selected Cosentino surfaces for a stunning kitchen project. Best known for her incredible career, spanning over a decade, Coco Rocha has graced the covers of Vogue and Elle and walked for esteemed designers such as Dior, Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein.  Now with a young family, Coco and her husband James have turned their focus onto Model Camp, a programme for young girls to learn skills on how to navigate the modelling world.

Kitchen Design Overview

Situated in New York State the farmhouse acts as a family retreat as well as a base for the couple’s Model Camp business.  During these months, the duo house up to 12 students from around the globe, so it was important that the space was stylish yet warm and inviting.

Coco Rocha New York Dekton Kitchen

The large, open-plan kitchen has been designed to encourage socialising at meal times, whilst also allowing guests the freedom and space to prepare food. The original wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room was removed to allow more natural light into the area.  Elements including stylish rustic furniture and pendant lighting were added to the space to achieve a balance of both modern and traditional styles.

Worktops specified in stunning Dekton Opera with its intricate grey veining complement the bright white metro tiles and black kitchen accessories perfectly. Its waterfall design flows neatly onto the floor, creating a stylish overhang for seating.  Ideal for a kitchen project, Dekton is highly resistant to heat, scratches and stains and can easily withstand the demands of a busy kitchen. It’s also incredibly easy to clean.

Coco Rocha New York Dekton Kitchen

Q&A with Coco Rocha & James Conran

This marks your second partnership with Cosentino, can you tell us a more about your new home?

Coco Rocha: We wanted another property that we could use as a family space and a base for our business. The building is great because it’s both stylish and cosy.  It was owned by an older man and was quite run down when we bought it, but there was a clear vision for how it needed to be.  We wanted to keep the character and aesthetics of the house but add modern twists like playful pops of colour and the addition of a sleek kitchen. The girls that enroll in our Model Camp programme travel from all over the globe, so a homely vibe was really important for us.

What can you tell us about your renovation process?

Coco Rocha: We didn’t keep any elements of the original kitchen because it wasn’t usable. There used to be a wall where the island now stands which separated the kitchen from the dining room.  It wasn’t a good use of the room. Plus, with 12 girls in the house at one time we wanted the kitchen to be as open as possible. It’s a now a great space for conversation and congregation. I can cook and everyone else can sit at the island or on in the lounge area without feeling too distant. It’s perfect.

How did your plans to use the space influence your design vision and selection of materials?

Coco Rocha: Everything had to be durable but beautiful.  We don’t necessarily know the people coming into our home so the odd accident is unavoidable. We took comfort in knowing that the Dekton surface is incredibly hard wearing and tactile. It’s also important that the house is kept clean, which was another factor that drew us to Dekton as it needs little maintenance.

What was your design process?

James Conran: We knew we were keeping the hardwood floors throughout the house which made the room a little dark, so the worktop needed to be a lighter shade. For cohesion and texture, we picked the metro tiles to match the grey veining on the Dekton surface.  Brass is a used throughout the house so all the knobs are brass and so are the light fixtures.

Why did you select the colour Opera?

Coco Rocha: I adore the grey veining! It looks so natural and fits into our modern aesthetic really well.

James Conran: We really love the look and feel of our Dekton surface, it’s like smooth satin. We also really like the fact that we could have it fabricated with a waterfall edge. It’s so tactile and makes the kitchen much more inviting and also created a space for seating.

You specified Silestone by Cosentino Quartz in your first kitchen project, did that influence your choice in Dekton?

Coco Rocha: Of course, our Silestone surfaces in our other New York home are beautiful and have similar qualities to Dekton such as a great level of durability.  But seeing Dekton up close in the showroom really did it for us. We also knew that Dekton has immense heat and scratch resistant properties. It’s a really special surface and to have it in the farmhouse is an absolute joy.

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