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Cosentino City Barcelona – A New Space for Inspiration

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  • The opening of Cosentino City Barcelona represents a big step forward in the new, unique concept of a showroom. Digitalisation, business events and material testing now play a major role in offering a comprehensive inspiration platform, in addition to being a meeting and working point for architects and designers. 
  • Covering a surface area of 700 m2, Cosentino City Barcelona boasts various multi-purpose spaces including material workshops, large-format product galleries, digital spaces and augmented reality, mock-ups of entire façades and environments that allow professionals to develop their projects, as well as to host any event or art exhibition.

 One of the many meanings of the word “Inspiration” is “stimulation that encourages creative work”. This is the goal of the new Cosentino City Barcelona, opened in the heart of the city with the slogan “Get Inspired”. This impressive 700m2 space marks an important step forward in the development of the “City” concept, with which Cosentino revolutionised its sector worldwide in 2013, innovating the distribution and display model once again.

Number 13 of this type of showroom, this opening represents a further evolution of the “City” concept, where digitalisation, testing, large-format materials and architectural applications play a major role in enhancing the beauty, functionality and performance of Cosentino products. Overall, Cosentino City provides a comprehensive inspiration platform and a meeting and working point for architects and designers.

Cosentino City Barcelona was designed by Cosentino’s in-house team, and consists of three floors with multiple areas where the presence of the main brands (Silestone, Dekton and Sensa) stand out in large format displays. In these areas, there are examples of applications in flooring, cladding, and ventilated façades, and there are also multi-purpose and open-plan areas for events, various digital areas, material and application galleries, as well as spaces for work, inspiration and experiences with architects and designers.

The heart of this experience is Atelier Lab, designed as a workshop and a complete library of materials, not only by Cosentino, but with other materials including wallpapers, fabrics, books, handles, taps and lighting. Atelier Lab provides inspiration to architects and designers and helps them to develop all types of projects, work on their final designs and obtain mood boards in digital format, as if they were in their own studio.

The truly digital nature of the new showroom can also be seen in areas such as the Digital Slab, a virtual gallery where visitors can view the colours of Cosentino surfaces on a large 98-inch digital screen; the Digital Experience. An innovative 3D space that makes it possible to view projects in augmented reality and fully customise the design; the Digital Façade includes replicas of real façade projects and their digital version with complete case studies including screens on ventilated façades and pivoting panels with large-format slabs.

In addition, there is a fully equipped kitchen area, a cocktail-bar and various work and meeting areas. The result is a new concept of a space that is multi-purpose, digital and inspiring, with a stunning look and feel. Featuring a renewed industrial design, Cosentino surfaces are combined throughout to highlight its various applications. The industrial appearance is enhanced by the use of monolithic design, where atmospheres are completely developed with the same material and colour.

The interior design of the premises is inspired by the New York industrial look – exposed brickwork and installations are present throughout the showroom, giving it a very modern and groundbreaking style. As for the colours of the décor, those that are typical of this style stand out, such as the various shades of grey and rust, mixed with other more classic designs with a marble finish, as well as white shades that give the whole atmosphere a breath of fresh air, and black shades that provide elegance and contemporaneity.

According to the Cosentino City Barcelona Manager, Isabel Martínez-Cosentino Ramos, “In this new City Barcelona, we have captured Cosentino’s major commitments today, namely digital transformation, the innovation and quality of our products and, most importantly, a strong focus on professionals. Every detail of the space is thought out to inspire, offering a unique technological and sensory experience to the entire community of architects, planners, interior designers and designers. Furthermore, it is an evolution of this unique model within our sector that will be applicable to the future “Cities” that will be opened soon, such as those in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Chicago or Atlanta, among others. This will further enhance what is already one of the most extensive, advanced and far-reaching international network of facilities in our sector”.

Cosentino City Barcelona was created with the aim of becoming both a meeting point for the creativity of large, well-known studios, and a reference point for emerging talents and local companies and, in general, for any company of the sector involved in design, trends, architecture and art. It is in this spirit of integration that Cosentino has used products from companies like Vitra, Vicente Galve, Vergés, Nanimarquina, Gancedo, Ramón Soler, Gaggenau, Maier or Simón, among others, for their own interior design project. Similarly, over the last few months, Cosentino City Barcelona has collaborated in various webinars and online events with figures such as Juan Herreros, Iñaki Ábalos, Andrés Jaque, Belinda Tato, Uriel Fogué, Fabrizio Barozzi, Clara de Solá Morales, Mario Corea or Xavi Mañosa, among many other renowned professionals.

Cosentino City Barcelona is located at 497 Avenida Diagonal (at the corner of C/ Loreto). This City is Cosentino’s second showroom in Spain, with a total of 13 “Cities” located in the heart of the major cities in the world, including Sydney, Singapore, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Milan, London, Madrid, Dubai, Miami, Los Angeles and Barcelona.

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