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Dekton® is Headline Sponsor for Mutua Madrid Open on the 10th Anniversary of the Caja Mágica



From the 4-13 May, the only ATP World Tour Masters 1000 and WTA Premier Mandatory event held in Europe, the Mutua Madrid Open will be hosted at Madrid’s Caja Mágica.  Once again, the world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, the Cosentino Group, is a headline sponsor with its ultra-compact surface brand Dekton®.  Both Dekton® and Silestone® quartz surfaces by Cosentino will grace the main spaces of Madrid’s Caja Mágica, as Cosentino joins the MMOpen in celebrating the 10th anniversary of the completion of Madrid’s Caja Mágica, the cutting edge factility designed by the French architect Dominique Perrault that has played host to this ‘top’ tournament since 2009.


Throughout the competition, Cosentino is hosting various events linked to the worlds of sport, dining, design and architecture, setting the MMOpen apart as a ‘Tops on Top’ tournament.  Visitors entering the Caja Mágica will be greeted by a glamourous stand, allowing them to walk in the shoes of international top model Cindy Crawford.  The stand reproduces the photo shoot for the latest Silestone® advertising campaign, ‘Tops on Top’ (#TopsOnTop), featuring Crawford.  Thanks to a spectacular Silestone® Desert Silver worktop, a recent addition to the popular Eternal collection, anyone who wants to can have their own #TopsOnTop moment.  By doing so, they will also be entering their name for various prize draws that will be held over the course of the event.


In addition, Cosentino’s presence will be felt throughout the Caja Mágica through the use of its Dekton® and Silestone® surfaces.  Beginning with the main doors to the credentials area, the desks for the collection of general entry tickets are made using Dekton® Spectra, a dramatic, dark hue.  The entrance to the VIP dining area features counters also made of Dekton® Spectra, as well as impressive wall panelling in Silestone® Calacatta Gold and Dekton® Opera, marble inspired designs that lend an elegant feel.


Inside, the Silestone® Eternal collection takes centre stage via the reception desks of the various restaurants that make up this exclusive area.  Reception desks in Eternal Marquina, Calacatta Gold, Serena and Statuario welcome visitors to each of the four indoor dining areas.  Following through to the outdoor dining/terrace area, there are eight circular bars and two tables in Silestone® Eternal Marquina.  Cosentino’s presence in the VIP areas is completed with two more tables in Dekton® Kelya, and the bars of the assorted kiosks scattered around the terrace are made of Dekton® Spectra.  Cosentino’s materials are perfect for these high traffic spaces due to their hardwearing nature, and array of designs available to suit any theme.

The top floor of the Caja Mágica houses the coveted Sky Lounges, offering stunning views of the centre court for VIPs and brands.   This exclusive area features a spectacular bar in Dekton® Keon, whilst four imposing slabs of striking Marquina used as wall cladding.  Lastly, as in previous years, Cosentino also has its own VIP space.  This will serve as a meeting area with different guest personalities and celebrities invited by the brand, as well as with its customers and partners from around the world.  This space will have a distinctly culinary twist thanks to the live show cooking events held and served by chef Sergio Pérez.  This private space is dominated by the Dekton® Industrial collection, with wall cladding and counters featuring the unique Orix and Radium colours.


The players participating in the tournament will have a unique opportunity to experience the design possibilities offer by Cosentino’s product first hand.  Situated in the Player’s Lounge, the stars of the ATP and WTA circuit will have access to a revolutionary ping-pong table made of Silestone® and designed by the prestigious British-Israeli architect and designer Ron Arad.  ‘10 Layers’ is unique piece with a curved shape that reduces velocity and allows the duration of the game to be extended.  Set on legs of stainless steel and bronze, ten large-format Silestone® slabs have been sculpted to create a surface that is curved along its entire length.  Arad himself will visit the MMOpen this year and will present this original offering at the tournament.


‘10 Layers’ is also the centre of an important charity event featuring the table tennis player and Paralympic athlete José Manuel Ruiz Reyes from Granada.  A member of the Royal Spanish Table Tennis Federation, he has participated in the last six Paralympic Games and was also the flag bearer for the Spanish team at Río de Janeiro 2016.  Cosentino is actively supporting Ruiz Reyes’s campaign to raise the funds needed to participate in the upcoming Spanish team trials for the 2020 Tokyo Games, and has invited him to challenge the players at the MMOpen to a few matches on the ‘10 Layers’ table.


You can follow all of Cosentino’s activities and events during the MMOpen through its social media profiles:

Silestone®: @Silestone on Twitter // @SilestonebyCosentino on Instagram and Facebook

Dekton®: @Dekton on Twitter // @DektonbyCosentino on Instagram and Facebook

Cosentino Group: @GrupoCosentino on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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